8213: Gacy House (2010)

8213: Gacy House (2010)

📅06 December 2011, 17:00

Could they not have gave us at least one shot of a clown here?

8213: Gacy House (2010)
Directed By: Anthony Fankhauser
Where to get it: Echo Bridge

The Prologue
8213: Gacy House or simply, “Gacy House” in some circles, is a film by those wacky kids over at The Asylum. It’s another one of those Paranormal Activity inspired movies and while those types of films were rare and cool back in the Blair Witch and Last Broadcast days, I’m afraid things are getting a little repetitive now. In another kinda interesting note, this film has been released over in the UK under the title, Paranormal Entity 2, making it a loose sequel to another Asylum film in the same theme as Paranormal Activity. Of course let me give you a mild spoiler up front, to spite the clown on the cover, we never actually see one.

The Movie

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 young men between 1972 and 1978 in suburban Chicago. Twenty-six bodies were found in a crawl space beneath his house and three others were buried in the backyard. Following the murders, Gacy’s home was demolished and another was built in its place. Now, a team of paranormal investigators is spending the night at the sight of Gacy’s former home in an attempt to summon his spirit. 8213: Gacy House reveals the disturbing footage from their deadly investigation.

I’m sad to report that overall this film doesn’t bring anything new to the table that we haven’t already seen. Making matters worse, the film it’s self even gets it’s fact wrong. The trailer says this all went down in 2006, the box says 2004, and then the movie flops that around. So don’t worry about the details, since the film makers didn’t either. I also gotta point out how most people know that Gacy was a pedophile and a homosexual. Oddly enough, his ghost seems to find the hottest chick in the movie with the biggest boobs and attack her in ways to get her naked. Don’t get it twisted here, I didn’t want to see a dude naked, but the facts here are all off.

Also the movie isn’t helped by the fact that the majority of the film is spent with our cast walking around, hearing spooky sounds, and being touched in the dark. It ends up taking far too long for anything to really get going and when the good stuff start popping off, the film is just about the end anyway. So in the running time of the film, only the very end is the most amusing and even that isn’t anything we haven’t already see before. At this point and time we get just soo many of these things that they all seem the same after a while. And while parts of this can be mildly amusing, it’s just the same ol’ same ol’.

So in all, you get a movie that does give us a fun scene or two. But unfortunately it’s wires get crossed a bit too much during the movie and facts are lost and logic goes out the window. It also just goes a bit too slow and drags far too much to hold the average movie goers attention for very long. You do get some nudity and you get some people being dragged off into the air by some unseen force, that can be amusing at times. So, I don’t think I’d go as far as to say it’s bad, but it’s just average and not very memorable.

The Conclusion
It’s pretty much the same as every other none Paranormal Activity movie that uses the same style as it does. I think if we’d at least had a ghost of a clown here somewhere that we could have seen, it would have helped things out a whole heck of a lot. But that isn’t what we get. So, what we do get is just average at best.

The Rating (5.5/10)        

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