Top 10 Shot On Video Movies

Top 10 Shot On Video Movies

Top 10 Shot On Video Movies

📅24 May 2015, 15:57

Shot on video movies (Or SOV for short) is a format and style that seems to be in the either “love it or hate it” category. Now, some may argue that there isn’t a good shot on video film, but I’ve seen a whole heck of a lot of them and from the bunch of seen, I’ve decided to make a top 10 list.


10: Woodchipper Massacre (1988)
Jon McBride’s Woodchipper Massacre isn’t what you’d probably call a “good” movie, but it seems to pack the spirit of what SOV is all about. Here we have a movie that uses a ridiculous plot and is more gore away from being your “To do” list for any SOV film. It might not be a must see movie overall, but it is fun and since most SOV movies are bad anyway, being fun is a key element.


09: Boardinghouse (1982)
Boardinghouse is an animal of a whole different type when it comes to SOV movies. The original version of the film ran a total of two hours and thirty-eight minutes and you know when it comes to SOV movies, nothing can justify that type of time being devoted to one! Still, there is a cut version most know and it is pretty strange and worth the watch because of such. IF you enjoy that, then you can at least attempt to watch the longer version.


08: Violent Shit (1989)
Violent Shit is just what the title says, violent shit. I happen to like violence and shot on video horror is all the better when you top it off with a whole lot of gore. This one would spawn a whole series of bad, but violent sequels, all of which I’m still waiting for Synapse Films to release. If someone talks to Don, tell him Chuck is still waiting.


07: Cannibal Campout (1988)
One of the first SOV films I had ever seen was Cannibal Campout, as Jon McBride makes another appearance on this list (I know Tom Fisher directed this as well). In some ways you get the idea while watching that if this movie had a few more f-bombs that it could have been made by a young Rob Zombie, had you handed him a video camera for Christmas as a kid.


06: Blood Cult (1985)
The first movie made for the home video market! Probably realizing that you could get away with not shooting on film with the quality of VHS anyway. Regardless, Blood Cult actually doesn’t have a bad plot and it packs some silly twists that make watching it actually pretty fun. A SOV film with a good plot and fun to see? That is rare!


05: Redneck Zombies (1989)
Troma got in on the SOV craze (was it a craze?), with the straight to video release of Redneck Zombies. A movie that if nothing else at least gives us lots of nasty gore to watch while sitting through it. I admit there was faults, like all SOV films, but I kind of really liked this one when I first seen it. Then again, I’m from Tennessee and that might be why.


04: Dirty Cop, No Donut (1999)
I know when you think of Tim Ritter, the first film of his that comes to mind isn’t Dirty Cop, No Donut. Still, when you look at the long list of shot on video movies, this is one of the most enjoyable ones you will find. In most part do to the performance of Joel D. Wynkoop as our cop in question, Gus Kimble. We follow Gus around for a night on the town while being filmed, the results are pretty darn great.


03: Venus Flytrap (1987)
Crazy street punks try to cause trouble with some rich kids that might be equally crazy in this one! As far as the format goes, I find the plot here to be one of the better ones out there. I remember watching this one and actually being interested in what is going on and wanting to see how it ends up. That is pretty good storytelling for a SOV film.


02: Video Violence (1987)
Video Violence was a pretty neat little take on cults and snuff films. It was one of the few SOV films that make you ignore the SOV factor and just focus on the story, which is actually really good. It is a shame the sequel wasn’t able to keep the momentum rolling, even if it had a good idea.

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01: The Burning Moon (1997)
In my humble opinion, this is the Citizen Kane of SOV movies. Cool story, cool effects, and foreign! What isn’t to like about The Burning Moon?? This tale of bedtime stories from hell is one I think everyone who even just kinda like SOV movies should see!

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