Top 10 Hottest Fake Women!

Top 10 Hottest Fake Women!

Top 10 Hottest Fake Women!

📅13 August 2011, 21:12

Oh you know there is something to be said about women in cartoons and comics. Nine times out of ten the character is made to look near perfect and I mean soo perfect it’s not even realistic. But none the less, over the years through comics, cartoons, and other drawn photographs the following (fake) women listed have managed to catch people’s eyes from the time the viewer/reader were children until now when those same people have well reached adulthood! So as a result of heavy research, the following 10 are here by picked as the most memorable/hottest of the cartoon women out there. And remember, this isn’t sexiest because these women aren’t real šŸ˜‰

10: Jem from Jem and the Holograms
If you watched cartoons during the time period of 1985 to 1988, you probably are familiar with Jem here. Everyone loves a rock-n-roll babe, it’s proven fact! That’s why people love the very real Hayley Williams from Paramour now days. But back when you were a kid there was just The Holograms and this hottie with the pink hair! We watched week in and week out as they battled the evil rival bands, and we’d probably have not watched had Jem not had the eye catching pink hair and sexy star earrings now would we? (Those are stars right??)

09: April O’Neil
You might want to watch what you say about this lady who made the yellow jumpsuit famous. I mean come on now, we don’t really want a maniac in a hockey mask after us now do we (Casey Jones not Jason for the record)? April was a sure annoying and nosy woman at times but she was a hot one too (for a cartoon). It’s just a shame we never got a love triangle with her and one of the Ninja Turtles. To be honest, I’m not sure how that would work with a turtle because I’m not sure where they hid their turtle parts. And before anyone asks, NO we aren’t counting that twisted fan fiction thing online where all the turtles run a train on Miss O’Neil. *Shivers* Is nothing sacred anymore?

08: She-Ra
This chick has got a sword and a unicorn!! What more could you ever want from a woman who could without question kick your ass? She-Ra was the first female action figure I ever owned. And I won’t lie, I had my Grandmother buy it for me so none of my friends would see me purchase the “icky” girl toy!Ā  Of course when she caught on and more people broke down and got the same toy it lead to many awkward moments at the sandbox when kids would have She-Ra paired up as the “girlfriend” of He-Man..which was her twin brother ya know? Guess I shouldn’t be dissing Alabama too much anymore since that took place here. Unless those kids came from Alabama..yeah, that must be it! Anyway, hot chick with a sword and unicorn FTW!!

07: The Baroness
Now if there is two things I like in a woman it’s glasses and an accent. The Baroness had both and plus in a very fitting way she was also evil as all hell. She was a member of Cobra ya know? None the less you can’t deny that there was just something about her that caught your eye. This wasn’t just us, it happened to several people in G.I. Joe from time to time as well if you followed along with the comics and such. But if we are to call a spade a spade, had Baroness been “good” she probably wouldn’t have been as appealing. Notice we have no Scarlett or Lady Jaye here.

06: Psylocke
While many a X-Men fan will be shouting such names as Storm, Jean Grey, and Rouge at their computer monitors, I never cared for those girls much. I always liked Psylocke the best! And just look at her to see why. I mean she DOES have purple hair. And who doesn’t dig purple hair on a female?? While it sucks that the poor girl never got the proper respect in the live action films, we still have her at her best in the comics. And we’ll just ignore the thousand times they’ve had her die only to get resurrected. Even later on when she’d get a giant thing permanently on her face it didn’t knock her hot-ness down an levels at all.

05: ArielĀ 
And now we have Disney jumping into the ring with a character that didn’t even have feet to jump with (unless she was on land). Ariel had a few things going for her in the looks department, one of which being the fact she was redheaded. She also broke the stereotype that all reds are crazy as all bat shit by being a pretty level headed lady..or shall we say mermaid? Now who knows if Ariel even had any womanly parts or not, when you were the age you were when you saw this you didn’t really care. All you knew was Ariel was awfully pretty..for a cartoon.

04: Elektra
Everyone loves an Italian woman! It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like a girl who could bake you a great tasting homemade pizza and kick your head off all at the same time. This is a character soo hot that even a blind man knew she was hot. Of course I’m going with the comic version and not at all taking into account the horrible movie version of this fine lady. In the comics Elektra was a deadly assassinĀ  and I think I speak for most people when I say it would almost be worthy of having a price tag placed on your head just to have this lovely bad ass around you.

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03: Selena Kyle/ Catwoman
Now usually nobody likes a thief, but we can all make an exception here with Miss Kyle aka Catwoman.Ā  Out of the long long list of characters who have dawned the leather suits over the years, nobody could pull that look off like Catwoman. And honestly for some odd reason the feline gimmick only adds to the overall effect. What it all adds up to is a character that was just soo seductive that she even tossed Batman off his game more than once, and who could blame him?

02: Pocahontas
Well I don’t know about you but I dig a woman with a tan. Even if she lives in the woods and talks to animals. I mean after all, we are all a bit crazy aren’t we? Animal speaking and creek bathing aside, Pocahontas was a classy woods based lady. And while most her people would have probably been satisfied with killing whitey rather than kissing them, Pocahontas was a bit of a trail blazer by erasing lines of race and doing the best thing of forgetting all about her own people and going with a dude who actually had a house and a job! You go, John Smith, you white devil you!

01: Jessica Rabbit
Now while most fake ladies you see on this list were more subtle with their sexy ways, Jessica Rabbit was full on. To spite being a firm believer in beastiality (she was married to a rabbit after all), Jessica packed the goods to make any young unknowing boy who was watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit feel a little funny in some weird places. Unlike other more whoreish cartoon characters like Stripperella or whoever that annoying bitch from El Superbeasto was, Jessica was still more classy about how she worked it. Classy, but still hot as all hell.

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