The 10 Best Films of Wes Craven

The 10 Best Films of Wes Craven

The 10 Best Films of Wes Craven

📅03 April 2015, 17:01

I think Wes Craven is great. I say that because when it comes to movies he has made, I’ve liked many more than I’ve disliked. Heck, I even kinda dug Chiller when I first saw it. That being said, below you will find MY personal list of his 10 best films. I’m sure there are some you folks will like that I’ve left off and I’m also sure there are some here you will hate. That being said, keep in mind this is only one man’s opinion.

10: Scream 4 (2011)
I’m sure the mud is already slinging, but give me a minute here. I think Scream 4 was the best Scream since the original Scream. I think it was cool going back to that world and the twist wasn’t too bad either. Plus, it was a nice rebound from My Soul to Take.

09: The People Under the Stairs (1991)
I don’t think there much to really like about the early 90s when it came to horror. Wes Craven gave us a cool idea, however, with The People Under the Stairs. There are memorable characters and a cool story being told here. Plus, it was a much better urban tale for Wes than Vampire in Brooklyn.

08: Shocker (1989)
This wouldn’t be the first or last time Wes would try to recreate Freddy, but as a kid I remember being kind weirded out by Shocker. As I grew up, I grew to really appreciate this one. Yes, it gets silly at the end, but I think the good is way better than the bad when it comes to this one.

07: New Nightmare (1994)
This wasn’t your pop-culture Freddy, this was scary Freddy in New Nightmare. It also found a way to bring Heather Langenkamp, arguable the best final girl ever, back to the story without trying to find a loophole in the old storyline. So, why not just go out of the film into the “real world”? It was a good idea and had a strong result.

06: Deadly Blessing (1981)
There is a whole lot of creepy things going on in Deadly Blessing and I’m not sure the movie is as appreciated as it should be, even by today’s standards. The movie even made use of the bathtub scene a few years before the scene would be redone better in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

05: Deadly Friend (1986)
Yes, it is campy and at times even silly, but I still tell everyone who loves 80s horror to check-out Deadly Friend. It gave us one of the most awesome kill scenes you will find with the basketball scene and who doesn’t want to see 1980s Kristy Swanson acting like a robot?

04: The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
Hot off the heels of Last House on the Left (ignoring the Adult Drama Wes did under a different name), The Hills Have Eyes is from a time when Wes Craven was still brutal in his content and movie tone. There was a lot of folks who kick the bucket here that you might not have suspected and it also does some clever things you might not expect from a film like this as well.

03: The Last House on the Left (1972)
The movie to show any teen you have before you let them have any sort of freedom at all, The Last House on the Left is a hard watch, even in this current time. It feels down and dirty and outside a few random comedic moments, it is exactly just that. This is rape and revenge mixed with exploitation and horror done right.

02: Scream (1996)
This was in my humble opinion the movie that took 90s horror out of the dump and brought on a whole new wave of teen slashers. Was it over-done later? You bet! Still, Scream is a masterpiece. A perfect film that was just as clever as anything else you’d see out in any genre around the time. Maybe it has gotten a sour rep throughout the years, but trust me when I tell you, Scream, is one of the most influential horror films of all-time.

nightmare_on_elm_street walls
01: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Duh! I know, I know, there isn’t any surprise here. Could I have realistically placed anything above the original Nightmare on Elm Street? Another perfect horror film that would go on to launch one of the biggest horror franchises in history. You may not even like horror, but you know who Freddy Krueger is regardless. This movie started it all.

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