10 Films We Hope Scream Factory Announces at the 2015 Comic Con

10 Films We Hope Scream Factory Announces at the 2015 Comic Con

10 Films We Hope Scream Factory Announces at the 2015 Comic Con

📅05 July 2015, 16:27

On July 10th, Scream Factory will be holding a Comic Con Panel and what we do know is that they will be revealing 10 new Scream Factory titles, with the only hint being they will be from the 70s to the early 90s. Now, these could be anything, but I figured it would be fun to list some things that I’d at least love to see released by the brand.

So, that being said, before reading this list keep in mind that I am no inside man, and as just a fan with a horror site, I have no real inside knowledge of what is and isn’t possible for them to release. We’ve seen Scream Factory release both Universal and a heck of a lot of MGM titles, so anything under those labels is probably fair game. I’ve at least tried to not list any titles that we know are with Lionsgate, because apparently they keep those gates closed (and keeping THE Gate from a Blu-ray release) and won’t lease anything out. With all this being said, let’s just have some fun here and list some things.


BONUS PICK #1: The Burbs
Yes, yes, yes, I know on an episode of Killer POV they SAID Universal has it and wants to do it themself, but we’ve seen before that Scream Factory isn’t above telling a little white lie to hide a surprise. Let us just hope this was one of those lies.


BONUS PICK #2: House/House II
We¬†are pretty sure these titles are with Image Entertainment and ever since that first batch of Blu-rays that consisted of Creepshow 2, Dead Heat, and Hellraiser II, they’ve been pretty non-existent. Maybe they will get back on that, or maybe they’ll shock everyone and start leasing things to Scream Factory? A man can dream right?


BONUS PICK #3: Slumber Party Massacre II
Arguably the best of the Slumber Party Massacre films, Scream could easily release this one on Blu-ray because Shout Factory already has the rights to it. Seeing as how they’ve released the original, one would think they’d want to give this one the up-grade. The bigger question would be if they would do it solo or toss on the far less entertaining part 3 on the disc as well.

*The following picks are in random order and not listed on importance or enjoyment*


10: The Curse
As far as we are aware, The Curse is with lease happy MGM. Now, I only own this one on VHS, not even owning the combo pack with The Curse 2. Scream Factory DID release Catacombs, which was originally released as The Curse IV, so maybe The Curse could be coming, maybe with or without the sequel attached to it.


09: Phantasm (Any of them, but mainly the original)
We’ve not heard much out of Don Coscarelli as of late, as we still wait for his buddy to finish what will be Phantasm 5. Still, we haven’t gotten Phantasm 1,3, or 4 on Blu-ray. Perhaps Scream Factory could drop this on us at Comic Con? At this point you have to think that Phantasm is perhaps the most wanted film that has yet to be released in HD for horror fans. We can’t rule out at least Phantasm 5: Ravenger coming from Scream Factory either.


08: Salem’s Lot
Salem’s Lot is apparently with Warner Brothers. Will the folks over at WB lease their titles out? Well, that remains to be seen. They have started releasing horror titles on Blu-ray at an on demand rate. I think this Stephen King story directed by Tobe Hooper deserves more and Scream Factory could give it the release it needs if anyone at Warner wants to play ball, which who knows the answer to that.


07: Summer Camp Nightmare
This 1987 horror flick has yet to even make its way to DVD! Scream has released a few old titles that had the same fate, most recently with Ghost Town. Now, it may not come with any extras, like Ghost Town, but it would be cool to see this one finally get a release.


06: Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
Well, here is one that really needs to be released on Blu-ray. The thing is, who the heck owns it? There is a rumor that Sony has it, but is that true or not? I think all the most popular horror franchises needs their films in HD and Leatherface is a missing link in the HD line of Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Well, there is also part 4, but we need this one first and more, in the unrated version of course.


05: Bloody New Year
Bloody New Year had a long out of print DVD from Redemption many moons ago, so one would have to guess that if it was going to be released on Blu-ray that Kino and Redemption would be the ones to do it. That is IF they still hold the rights. If they don’t, this could be a good Scream Factory title.


04: The Fly 2
Fox probably owns the rights to The Fly 2, but are they above letting someone who would do a grand job with it have at it? The Fly 2 is a good film in its own right, even if it wasn’t as good as The Fly, which we all know Criterion has. I have a pretty cool two disc DVD of The Fly 2, and I think it would make a great Collector’s Edition from Scream Factory


03: The Stuff
The Stuff was released in the UK by Arrow, but that doesn’t mean Arrow has the US rights. Heck, like House, this is one we last seen under an Image Entertainment banner. They could still have those rights, but who really knows? I certainly don’t, but since I still don’t have a region free player, this would be a nice one to see coming to a region A disc.


02: Trick or Treat
There are two things standing in the way of 1986’s Trick or Treat being released. The big issue is the music. The music once stopped a 20th Anniversary DVD release and we have no idea if that trouble is still standing in the way now. The other issue is, it is apparently with Anchor Bay. That isn’t THAT big of an issue, because Scream Factory have done business together before, not that this was as big of a thing as that was, but maybe one could help the other clear those darn music issues.


01: The Willies
The Willies is a pretty cool little anthology film, not far off the same style and tone as those Goosebumps episodes. Echo Bridge has been selling a very cheap DVD of this, that to be honest, looks like a VHS rip and is in a 1:33 format. Do they still have those rights? I suppose, but the $1.99 price on it at K-Mart makes me wonder. This would be a great title for Scream Factory and it would be great to get it in widescreen and HD.

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