Zombies From Outer Space (2012) (DVD Review)

Zombies From Outer Space (2012) (DVD Review)

Zombies From Outer Space (2012) (DVD Review)

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Zombies From Outer Space (2012) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Martin Faltermeier
Starring: Judith Gorgass, Florian Kiml, Siegfried Foster
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:78/Number of disc: 1
Available from Olive Films


When Maria (Judith Gorgrass) happens upon the dead body of a woman little does she realize the terror that will be unleashed in Zombies From Outer Space. Noted scientist Dr. Robert Hoelzlein (Florian Kiml) and American Army Captain John Welles (Siegfried Foster), both brought into investigate the crime, soon butt heads over the case and their mutual attraction to Maria. Romance takes a back seat when more bodies are discovered. Who or what has caused these mysterious deaths?


So, when aliens start to die and attack their own kind on their own planet, these aliens in question do the only logical thing they can do and dump them down here on earth to attack us (how nice of them is that?)! That seems to be the plot in this throw-back of a midnight movie called, Zombies from Outer Space! A movie that has a title that will bring you to the film, but does it pack what it needs to pack in the hour and forty minutes it runs to keep you interested? Well, that is a bit of a tricky question. I’ll shoot it straight with you, folks, this movie has its moments. When the living dead aliens are ripping people apart and the blood is shooting out like it is coming from a hose, it is a whole heck of a lot of fun. The only down side to it all is, when the movie starts it takes too long to really get going and things really don’t start cooking until the last part of the movie, which isn’t bad at all for the record. Will you still be watching by then? I don’t know, but there is some cool stuff to see if you are able to hang with it a bit.



I’ll shoot it straight with you, there isn’t any characters here that you are going to probably be that drawn to or find that interesting, the powers that be behind the movie still try to make you care, but that just never works. The bread and butter of the film comes when we have these zombie aliens around or when the whole none-zombie aliens are around and when that whole part of the plot gets rolling. Those things are a whole lot of fun, but any attempt at hones to goodness character development falls flat or just bored us. This one has some cheesy effects that really work, it has some bloody moments that work, and the aliens are awesome. As for everything else? Not so much I’m afraid. I think the movie just really needed to cut some of the fat and everything would have been a lot better, but that wasn’t the case and the padding shows. It didn’t need that, it just needed to get to the point. It does, however, have a great third act.



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