Yakuza Weapon (2011) (Blu-ray Review)

Yakuza Weapon (2011) (Blu-ray Review)

📅14 June 2012, 18:52

Yakuza Weapon (2011)
Director: Tak Sakaguchi & Yûdai Yamaguchi
Where to get it: Well Go USA

The team who brought you VERSUS has returned with another hard-edged battle royale featuring tough gangsters, deadly women and cybernetic penis implants! Ex-yakuza Shozo Iwaki (Tak Sakaguchi) engages in a titanic battle of revenge against double-crossing Kurawaki, the man who killed his father. After a building-leveling skirmish, Shozo wakes up with an M61 Vulcan cannon in place of his right arm, and a rocket launcher where his left leg used to be. Shozo quickly learns to love his weaponized frame, and prepares for a bloody rematch with Kurawaki, who has some mechanical improvements of his own.

What we have here is another Japanese splatter flick that blurs the line of logic, but that’s ok! It’s a bit of a comedy as well, but nobody will mind I assure you. It’s an off the wall, action packed movie and that is all that really matters. From the moment this movie starts to its exciting climax, this is a movie that will keep you entertained and it does so by showing you some very graphic and creative violence on the screen. It also helps that the film is also funny in a lot of ways. And when I say that I don’t mean it tries to be funny, it actually is funny. We have weapons, bombs, women (you’ll know what I mean when you see it), and hand to hand combat all here. Things might not always add up logically with this one, but you will at least never be bored with it.

While fun, we can’t say that this film isn’t at fault in a few areas. The film could have used a little editing here and there to tighten the story up. Also, the film is really in its own universe from the start. No rules are really given to the surroundings, so we never really know why someone can be shot 88 times and keep going. Or why someone can step on a land mind and loose limbs, yet keep fighting. Why is this odd for a movie of this nature? If you can survive a bomb like nothing happened, why must you dodge a bullet at other times? Still, the film is kick ass overall. It’s a lot of fun and to spite the CGI moments, give us some cool gore and effects.


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