Wolf Creek (2016) (TV Mini-Series Review)

Wolf Creek (2016) (TV Mini-Series Review)

Wolf Creek (2016) (TV Mini-Series Review)

📅09 September 2016, 13:00


Wolf Creek (2016) (TV Mini-Series Review)
Starring: John Jarratt, Lucy Fry, Dustin Clare
Coming Soon to POP on October 14


Eve, a 19-year-old American tourist is targeted by crazed serial killer Mick Taylor. She survives his attack and embarks on a mission of revenge. Inspired by the Iconic Cult Film and Executive Produced by its
Creator/Director Greg McLean, WOLF CREEK Premieres on Friday, October 14 at 10:00 PM, ET/PT on POP as a Six-Episode Limited Series Television Event


The original Wolf Creek in 2006 was a movie that totally took me by surprise when it came out. I had heard stuff about it but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. We all waited for a sequel after and then we finally got that sequel with Wolf Creek 2 in 2013. Wolf Creek 2 was a movie that really amped up the character of Mick Taylor. He always had a sick sense of humor but that and the blood was turned up a whole other notch for this one. Now here we are with POP TV having a Wolf Creek Mini-Series starting October 14th. I’ve seen all six episodes and I got to admit that it is a bit different than what we’ve come to expect with the franchise so far. For starters the story has Mick as the main baddy but the movie isn’t really about him if you boil things down. The story revolves around a character named Eve. We see Mick try to take her whole family out at the start of episode one but she’s left and she goes for revenge. It becomes more of a character story than anything else and Mick isn’t the main character. He’s here, he does bad things, but he seems lost in the fold at times in his own series. We do get some other characters introduced but I’d have to really think if any of them outside a cop that takes a liking to Eve is even really here enough to make you care. I won’t spoil anything at all but one of the best characters we have here isn’t nearly around enough. So, I guess I’m trying to say the idea of a Wolf Creek story being dragged out for six weeks is an interesting idea but it does feel a bit too padded out in spots and perhaps would have made for a better movie with the “fat” removed.


And when I say padding I really mean it as some things just happen with not much of a purpose besides just having something new to get us through another week. Another issue that really seems to hurt these recent horror-based TV series is the use of CGI. Wolf Creek makes the same mistake more than once and the CGI is really an eye-sore. Now keep in mind I saw an advanced copy of things so we still have a chance of this being worked out before it hits the air, but it might be best to keep it in mind and be ready for it just in case. While you expect John Jarratt to bring the goods as Mick (which we could have perhaps used even more of), you might be shocked at just how good Lucy Fry is as Eve minus the weird accent thing she has going on. She’s probably the best thing about this Wolf Creek show but she nor is Jarratt good enough to save this one from its self. Things tend to drag a bit much and some characters and situations are just here to have something happen because we need someone around to just kill off later. This movie despite the setting doesn’t really feel like the original Wolf Creek. It also lacks the fun of Wolf Creek 2. What they went for here was well intended and we will never fault someone for trying something different but this one just doesn’t work out well at all.



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