Venus Flytrap (1987) (DVD Review)

Venus Flytrap (1987) (DVD Review)

Venus Flytrap (1987) (DVD Review)

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Venus Flytrap (1987) (DVD Review)
Directed By: T Michael
Starring: Kevin M. Glover, Steve Malis, Michael Capellupo, Kimberley Kates
Rated: UR/Region: 0/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available from Massacre Video


After crashing a party, three street punks decide to have their own kind of fun with the local preppies. But did the punks bite off more than they could chew with these well dressed yuppies? A dangerous game of Russian Roulette is just the beginning of this night of debauchery and sin! Venus Flytrap is available for the first time on DVD, digitally remastered from the original video master, which was long thought lost!


Oh we are back in a world of shot on video horror, which is a staple for the indie label, Massacre Video. Here, we have a film I had never heard of before called, Venus Flytrap! This movie came out in 1987 and I have no idea why I haven’t heard of it before, maybe I’m just not that cool? Regardless on if I’ll be forced to hand in my horror hipster card (along with my skinny jeans) or not, I have now watched Venus Flytrap. Not only did I watch the movie, I actually enjoyed it. Having watched the special features, I figured out why I liked it. It was the story and of course the T and A. Which was really all they had hoped to use to make people like it while filming it apparently, going by what was said on the extras. We have a story that keeps you waiting for another foot to drop and we also get a whole lot of naked women. That sounds like my kind of party, folks! I think story, nudity, and gore are always the key to keep people watching when you are dealing with shot on video movies. You really have to use those three things to the best of your ability and this movie at least uses two out of the three. We could have used a little more blood, an issue that everyone involved was aware of I assure you. Taken for what it is, you could do a whole (WHOLE) lot worse in general and in just shot on video movies than Venus Flytrap. Hell, this movie has way more hits than misses when you break it on down. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy the oil and water factory of crazy poor kids hanging out with crazy rich kids? But we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here.



So a trio of thugs break into a record store and hold up the place. While this is going on some square looking (and the female is hot looking) rich folks walk in and one thing leads to another, so the next thing we know we have these street kids mixed with some rich kids in a party that just seems off from the start. Which, most rich kid parties feel off naturally, but that is neither here nor there. You know something is up here, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have a movie. The movie manages to actually build tension, toss in a few tenseĀ  scenes (sexual tension and the other kind of tension here are) , and then it unleashes some nudity on us as it then shows us what is actually going on. The movie manages to never drag, which it shouldn’t considering how short it is. All in all if you are looking for a rare shot on video horror film that is actually worthy of you going out of your way to see it, then here you go! Between the shockingly well written characters and the wacky tone at times, you can’t NOT have at least a half-way good time with this. I won’t promise you that you will love this film, but I can pretty much guarantee that it has enough to keep you at least interested in what is going down on screen. It could have stood to be a little longer, which is a rare thing for me to say, but it if leaves you actually wanting to see more, I think it has done its job well. I’d say you should easily give this a watch if you in general already enjoy shot on video horror films.



– Video Interviews With Producer Kevin M. Glover And Actor Steve Malis
– Extensive Four Page Liner Notes
– Audio Commentary With Producer Kevin M. Glover And Actor Steve Malis
– Trailers


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