True Adolescents (2009)

True Adolescents (2009)

📅22 June 2012, 00:10

True Adolescents (2009)
Directed By: Craig Johnson
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At 34, struggling Seattle musician Sam (Mark Duplass, Humpday, The League) finds himself broke, jobless and losing touch with the person he wants to become. When his girlfriend kicks him out, he’s forced to crash with his aunt Sharon (Academy Award® winner Melissa Leo, The Fighter) and is reluctantly enlisted to take her teen son Oliver and his friend Jake camping.

Growing up sucks, especially if you don’t want to do such a horrible thing like “mature”. Here in this movie we follow a man who is at that crossroad that we all will face if we haven’t already. Along the way of his journey he takes his cousin and his friend camping. These kids are still in their teens and facing some very big issues of their own. All in all we have a funny story with likeable characters that deal with many real and important issues in the middle of still being a funny adult comedy. You’ll have moments when you laugh, but you’ll also be shocked at the serious side of this one as well.

Not only does this film out the age old question of when is the right time to give up on chasing dreams and grow up, but it also deals with such things as being young and deal with your own sexuality. It’s a film that remains funny all the while covering all the bases. It isn’t as much a straight forward comedy, so casual movie fans might not be as into it. But anyone who digs the indie comedy scene should have a good time with this coming of age adult comedy.


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