The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989) (Troma Blu-ray/DVD Review)

The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989) (Troma Blu-ray/DVD Review)

The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989) (Troma Blu-ray/DVD Review)

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The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989) (Troma Blu-ray/DVD Review)
Directed By: Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz
Starring: Ron Fazio, John Altamura, Phoebe Legere
Rated: UR/Region 0/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 2
Where to get it: Troma


Toxie’s mean, green, and back on the screen! Melvin Junko was a nerdy 98lb weakling until he fell into a vat of toxic waste, turning him into the first ever superhuman superhero from New Jersey. This time the hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength takes on Tokyo. The Toxic Avenger Part II is a spectacular sequel with even more ingenious special effects, even more bizarre action, and even more unbelievably famous fight scenes. He’s come a long way from Tromaville, baby!


I want to start this out by assuring everyone that this indeed the unrated cut, meaning that you get all the gore that the MPAA originally took away from the film. Not that this film was ever a five start classic, but the gore does help. So as you’d guess everything here is done in an over the top manner and rude manner that you’d come to look for with any Troma movie, so that’s expected. What I didn’t really like however was the acting and annoying ways of Toxie’s blind girlfriend, Clair. Not only was she a recast from the first film but she just doesn’t seem to fit here for me. Sure she’s hot, but I’d still take the original Clair over this one any day of the week. Oh, and remember her name wasn’t even Clair in the original film. Toxie also doesn’t sound like James Earl Jones at random times this time around, and that kinda sucks for people who loved that part of the original. Toxie being in Tokyo, while funny at times wasn’t as great as you might think. I dunno why really but this factor just doesn’t click very well for me. This was clearly from the time when for sequels everyone figured it was okay just to send the star of the film to another place. It says a lot that they were already doing this for part 2 of a franchise. But at least they didn’t send him to space or the hood. However, I bet we’d have liked Toxie in the hood a lot more than Tokyo! The film’s opening scene is really awesome for what that is worth with all the blood and gore. I just wish the rest of the film had stayed like that.



If you are looking at such things as a plot here, the one here is a little cookie cutter and kinda anti-climactic. That of course is due to the fact the original cut of Toxie 2 was four hours long so they naturally did a smart thing and got a two for one out of it by cutting it in half and putting out the second half as part 3. So I guess any sudden solution to this one and feeling of emptiness once the credits roll could always be credited to that fact. It’s not like it matters that much. I don’t think anyone watches a Troma film for a masterpiece, just a good time. And you KINDA get that at times with Toxie 2. You at least get a bad ass theme song and here you get a strong transfer with the newly issues Blu-ray from Troma (Not the recalled 480 error copy). So in the end with The Toxic Avenger Part II, you get a movie that kinda has its moments. You may chuckle from time to time. Then of course you might roll your eyes and snooze off from time to time as well. Probably not the greatest in the Toxie franchise as I’m still a big fan of part 1 and I really like Citizen Toxie.



Blu-ray Disc
– Director’s commentary
– At home with Toxie
– A word from villainess Lisa Gaye
– Toxie on Japanese T.V.
– Troma Trailers
DVD Disc (Note: The DVD isn’t a new disc, but the old DVD release threw in with the new Blu-ray)
– Intoduction by Lloyd Kaufman
– Interactive Tour of Troma
– Troma intelligence test
– Toxic thoughts by Fangoria managing editor Michael Gingold
– Tromatic comments by VideoHound author Mike Mayo
– Private memories of Toxic 2 star Lisa Gaye
– Production stills
– Very special private Troma Public Service Announcements
– Scenes from the Tromaville Cafe TV show
– The Aroma du Troma
– Web links

Quality of Transfer: 86%


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