The Red House (1947) (Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Review)

The Red House (1947) (Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Review)

📅18 September 2012, 13:15

The Red House (1947) (Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Review)
Director:  Delmer Daves
Where to get it: HD Cinema Classics

Pete and Ellen have reared Meg as their own, ever since she was a baby and her parents took off. Now a teen, Meg convinces her friend Nath to come help with chores on the farm: Pete isn’t getting around on his wooden leg like he used to. When Nath insists on using a short cut home through the woods, Pete gets quite agitated and warns him of screams in the night, of terrors associated with the red house. Curious, Meg and Nath ignore his warnings and begin exploring. Meg begins falling in love with Nath, but his girlfriend Tibby has other plans for him. Meanwhile they all get closer to real danger and the dark secret of the red house.

While I often state on here that I am not a big fan of the older horror/thriller titles out there, I admit I did like The Red House. While being a film that shows its age in some areas, it more than makes up for it with a solid plot that builds suspense and mystery as it goes along. At first we have no clue why people should stay out of those woods. We have no idea what is so bad about that big red house that is inside the woods. It is that unknown feeling that spills from the characters to the viewer that makes things as creepy and interesting as they are while watching. You won’t see blood and guts, but what you do see fits the purpose.

But one thing we do see is a great new transfer and restoration for this film. Soured from what is an excellent 35mm print of the film, not detail is lost in the HD transfer and fixing up of the old movie. To be honest, the movie looks almost new in some areas with very little DNR being noticed from me while watching. What all of this adds up to is a very awesome DVD/Blu-ray set that is a must own for anyone who is a fan of the movie or getting into it for the first time now.



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