The Lurking (2015) (Movie Review)

The Lurking (2015) (Movie Review)

The Lurking (2015) (Movie Review)

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The Lurking (2015) (Movie Review)
Directed By: Rob Michels
Starring: Jason Phelps, Shayne White, Samantha Haag
Rated: UR/1:33
Available From Screaming Like Banshees


Two wasteoids go deep into the serial killer infested woods of Wisconsin to party, meanwhile bodies start to pile up around them.


The Lurking is about as basic of a throwback SOV (Shot on video) movie as you can get. We follow two guys into the woods as they are spending their day and night drinking and doing as many drugs as possible. While they are doing this someone is “lurking” in those very same woods and killing anyone who might be there or come along. Shot on video horror is a bit of test for most movie watchers. You may love horror, but it takes a horror fan of a whole other type to actually enjoy shot on video horror movies. I just so happen to be one of those horror fans and as a result I found a lot of fun to be had while watching The Lurking. Sure, there really isn’t much in the way of a plot, but you don’t really have to have one when dealing in a style like this. The characters we do see are fun and the movie at least does the one thing you have to do when making something shot on video, it was never boring. That is a major win for The Lurking.

Lurking3 Lurking4

The movie also offers up a whole lot of blood. Maybe we aren’t going to be seeing Tom Savini style gore effects, but some of these are as creative as they can be funny. The body count really seems to grow as this one moves along and the movie as a whole is a lot better for it. Also, the one thing this movie does very well that you don’t usually see in this type of movie is great camera work. I mean you really should take the time if you see this and just notice how well the camera is used to navigate things. It can cover the flaws of a scene and it can make something seem much better than it actually is. That is a great feat for director Rob Michels and The Lurking remains oddly watchable from start to finish. I’ve linked the official Facebook page of this movie above. They are selling this movie on both DVD and VHS for a very reasonable price. If you love SOV horror or just fun indie horror in general, then I really think you should give something like this a chance and pick one up.



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