The Last Horror Film (1982) (DVD Review)

The Last Horror Film (1982) (DVD Review)

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The Last Horror Film (1982) (DVD Review)
Directed By: David Winters
Where to get it: CAV

The Prologue
What has the Tromaster Piece line by Troma given to us this time? None other than The Last Horror Film aka Fanatic! A movie that is known for being filmed all gorilla style at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival. Which as you should know means, no permit was used! Such rebels I tell ya! None the less the film has both Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro leading up the front, so while it’s not even the best movie both of them have stared in together, it’s not a total waste.

The Movie
So taxi driver Vinny Durand (Joe Spinell) is soo obsessed with making a movie with the famous star Jana Bates (Caroline Munro) that he takes a break from work, kisses his mother goodbye, and takes a trip to the Cannes Film Festival (must be getting some nice tips from the taxi driving) with his movie camera in hand to find Jana and make his movie one way or another!! And as you could probably already figure out, it’s gets messy and heads start to roll!!

So Joe Spinell and Caroline Munroin are in a movie where Joe is crazy and Caroline is the love interest. Where have I heard of that before?? Oh yes! It was the movie Maniac that came out the year before! This film is sorta like Maniac in a way. I mean, Joe isn’t as insane and this time Caroline’s character doesn’t want a thing to do with him. It sadly isn’t as well done or as good, but it isn’t a total loss either.

I’d like to give props to this film for the gore but what gore we get we don’t see THAT well due to the horrible picture quality of the movie. I know it’s old and all but I hate when a DVD looks like VHS quality. However even with that it has one cool moment of gore at least that you might just like. Joe does his best at playing a crazy man again as Vinny is for sure crazy and at times very comical, I still have no idea if that’s actually meant to be that way or not, but that’s the case.

In all we have a good idea for The Last Horror Film that just doesn’t seem to be done as well as it could have been. A crazy man who will stop at nothing to get some girl in his movie could have been and should have been a lot better than the end results of the film shows. It gets a little too off the wall for its own good the second half and that do it no favors what so ever.

Also when it comes ending time we get an ending that is soo silly that I can’t decide if I loved it or thought it was the worst and most ridiculous twist I’ve ever seen. It’s another one of those endings where the film could be made or broke depending on how you feel about the ending. For me it kinda didn’t work and I think it hurts it with me. But the film is by no means just terrible. I guess it’s what you’d think you’d get from Troma!

The Conclusion
Well it has its parts that are both good and bad. It has funny moments and it has moments that will make your eyes roll. However it may be worth checking out none the less. And the Tromaster line is filled with movies that to spite their shortcomings are still worth adding to your collection.

The Movie (5.5/10)


– My Favorite Maniac – A Conversation with Joe’s best friend Luke Walter
– Commentary with Walter and a Special Guest
– Interview with Maniac director William Lustig
– Mr.Robbie aka Maniac 2 short film
– Trailers
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