The Demon’s Rook (2013) (DVD Review)

The Demon’s Rook (2013) (DVD Review)

The Demon’s Rook (2013) (DVD Review)

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The Demon’s Rook (2013) (DVD Review)
Directed By: James Sizemore
Starring: Ashleigh Jo Sizemore, James Sizemore, John Chatham
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available from Cinedigm


Chaos descends upon a quiet town when Roscoe, the pupil of a wizard monk from an ancient race of demons, unknowingly opens a portal that allows an unspeakable evil to travel freely into our world. When three grisly beasts cross into our dimension, the living are possessed and the dead rise to destroy everything in their path. Armed with demons magic, Roscoe is the only fighting chance to put an end to their eternal path of destruction. An ode to the DIY creature-feature classics of the 1980 s, THE DEMON S ROOK is a gut-flinging monster mash (Dread Central) that you won t soon forget.


Life is full of surprises, some good and some bad. I recall returning home from school to find a WWF Hasbro wrestling ring once in grammar school. That was a good surprise. I also recall having a girlfriend go away for a weekend and return to inform me that she loved me, but she wasn’t IN love with me. That, of course, wasn’t a good surprise. The same rules apply to movies and with all that being said, The Demon’s Rook, is certainly a good surprise. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. I know the trailer made the film look good, but I was shocked on just how good it was. Think the Nightbreed of this generation, only the hype is justified. Basically our boy Roscoe in the film has a demon friend. Not only that, but he proves he’s the Bob Ross of his generation by drawing the demon. His parents just play this off, but one night little Roscoe finds them gone and he follows his Demon friend down the hole where he stays until years later when he pops out looking a lot like Jesus. He goes to find a childhood friend, but of course demons also come out of the hole and thus we have this strange, yet entertaining movie that feels like a throw-back in a lot of ways and has all the things I like about horror in it. There’s demons, there is blood, and there is a very cool story. So, I really don’t have much of anything bad at all to say about it. And, when you have stuff like that how could you find much of anything bad to say about it, even if it isn’t perfect.



The movie tosses us into a very strange world. It all takes place in a backwoods area (it pretty much stays there) and things don’t always turn out the way you might have expected, which is always a good thing. James Sizemore is clearly a beast. He wrote and directed this thing, not to mention he did the effects and stars in the darn thing. That’s a lot of hats to wear, but he and his wife who also co-stars here, wear those hats well. This is clearly a project of love and the end results are a modern day film that I’m sure will become a cult classic and is well on its way to that status as I type this. If you like strange monsters, this movie has it. If you like blood and gore, this movie has that as well. There is even some dark comedy aspects to some of it. Outside of some small moments of awkward dialogue, there really isn’t anything here not to love about The Demon’s Rook. You see a lot of weird and strange things in the time this film runs and I enjoyed it every step of the way. I don’t like over-hyping things, I don’t just say things in hopes people will toss my quotes on a cover (The cover of this one is already made), but I can honestly say that as far as I’m concerned, this is a year ending top 10 horror movie easily. Heck, it is the film to beat so far in 2015.



– Goat Witch (Short Film)
– Making of a Demon
– Filmmaker Commentary
– Deleted Scenes
– Gag Reel


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