The Death of April (2012) (DVD Review)

The Death of April (2012) (DVD Review)

The Death of April (2012) (DVD Review)

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The Death of April (2012) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Ruben Rodriguez
Starring: Stephanie Domini, Chelsea Clark, Amy Rutledge
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available from Itn Distribution


Meagan Mullen, freshly moved in her new home, keeps in touch with her friends and family through a video blog. As her entries (and her life) become more complex and emotional, strange things begin to happen in her room: and the camera captures all of it. Told primarily from the point of view of an ordinary wireless webcam, The Death of April documents the unsettling activity in an otherwise average girl’s bedroom – and the mysteries that surround it.


We’ve somewhat moved on a bit from the found footage film and now we are mixing in the fake documentary style to go along with it. We’ve seen it done before and probably better, but you still got to at least hand it to this one for trying to be creative when they might not have had the budget to go along with what they wanted to do. So, the best way to get away with being cheap in this movie is by having people film stuff “found footage” style on cells and other devices, toss in some sit-down interviews and that is the movie we have here. We know heading in something bad happens, we hear the ghostly history around it, and then we sit back and what the events as they unfold. I don’t think anyone will mistake these folks for being the smartest characters we’ve ever seen on-screen, but if we faulted movies for how dumb the characters are we’d not have a horror movie safe now would we? Still, it holds you interest enough until the pay-off at the end. I’m just not totally sold on that pay-off if I am to be perfectly honest.

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So I guess maybe in something like this it isn’t the story the movie tells it is just how the story is told and in that regards I think the movie peaks. I wish it perhaps had a better plot for us, but at least they didn’t just toss some folks with a camera and go full on Paranormal Activity rip without at least trying to bring something different. Now I’d be at fault if I didn’t say that Lake Mungo did this style better, but it has been a few years since that and it does feel fresh here, even if the movie as whole isn’t as fresh or even as exciting. You still get some nice looking ladies to look at and that always counts for at least some little something doesn’t it? If you think the answer to that is “NO”, then perhaps this one won’t be for you after all.



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