Terminal Island (1973) (DVD Review)

Terminal Island (1973) (DVD Review)

Terminal Island (1973) (DVD Review)

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Terminal Island (1973) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Stephanie Rothman
Starring: Don Marshall, Phyllis Davis, Ena Hartman
Rated: R 18+/Region: 4( Will play on US player)/Widescreen/Number of Discs: 1
Available From Umbrella Entertainment

America in the near future, the Supreme Court drops the death penalty in favour of an initiative that designates San Bruno island as a dumping spot for first-degree murder convicts, free to do what they like except leave. Surrounded by murderers and mayhem, without any law or law-keepers it is a living hell-on-earth!
Ruthless convicts Bobby (Sean Kenney, The Corpse Grinders) rules the main camp and keeps the women under his thumb as sex slaves. Tensions within the group flare-up and when courageous A.J Thomas (Don Marshall, Land of the Giants) decides to turn his back on tyrannical Bobby he leads a group of like-minded convicts into hiding, determined to liberate the women once and for all. With the line drawn in the sand, it is only a matter of time before an all-out battle is mounted for control of the island.

We got one for the Grindhouse here in Umbrella’s DVD release of Terminal Island! A DVD that will play on your region A players for those Americans keeping score at home. The film opens with a lady being taken to this island and right when she arrives she spots a dead body already. That sets the tone for this lord of the fly’s type environment where people are ruling the island and using the women for sex slaves. Things go as they were for a while, but soon enough people fight back and that is when we have our struggle for the island with more blood and violence tossed on top for good measure. So, if you’ve come looking for blood, nudity, and an overall fun time, then you’ve popped in the right disc with Terminal Island.

Among the faces, you’ll see on this island in a starring role is none other than Mr. Magnum P.I. himself, Tom Selleck. When we first spot Tom’s character he’s snorting dope and welcoming the island’s newest resident. His character is a former doctor and he says he’s the only none killer on the island. As you can probably guess, his character plays a major part in what’s to come. The movie fits right at home with any other grimmy 70’s island movie you can find. It never shys away from a good chance to have someone bleed or show some boobs. If you are like me, then you consider that all very essential in your movie watching and as a result this one delivers way more than you might expect.


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