Tentacles / Reptilicus (Blu-ray Review)

Tentacles / Reptilicus (Blu-ray Review)

Tentacles / Reptilicus (Blu-ray Review)

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Tentacles / Reptilicus (Blu-ray Review)
Rated: PG & UR/Region A/Widescreen/1080p/Number of Discs 1 (Share the same Disc)
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Tentacles (1977) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Ovidio G. Assonitis
Starring: John Huston, Shelley Winters, Bo Hopkins
Rated: PG

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It’s angry. It’s hungry. It’s extremely well-armed and it’s descending on a small seaside town to sample the local cuisine! John Huston, Shelley Winters, Bo Hopkins and Henry Fonda do all they can to keep a giant marine menace from turning their sleepy village into a one-stop snack-shop in this fast-paced thriller! Directed by cult director/producer Ovidio G. Assonitis (Beyond The Door, The Visitor, The Curse), Tentacles is a menacing jolt-a-thon that’ll grip you with relentless terror and never let go!

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Before seeing a film like Tentacles, I never had any idea about the apparent hate that octopus apparently have for children! That kind of sums of the meat of the story here overall, as this brooding, but still a little wacky film about a killer octopus swims its way into our homes in another Scream Factory double feature. Truth be told, it is probably the best part of this double bill easily. The film takes its time, but it also offers up some nice gore shots here and there to go along with this big and nasty octopus. Which, to be honest, I kind of like the idea of a killer octopus, so in that part of things, Tentacles was already on my good side before I ever pressed play. After seeing this nasty monster and the atmosphere it brings, I was far more entertained than bored, even if it gives you a chance to be bored more than once during the running time of the film. I don’t think I cared much for our leads, but I found the octopus fun and that was just enough for me.

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Tentacles still 8_{60f878da-420a-e511-a207-d4ae527c3b65}_lg

To give the movie a little more credit, the underwater part of the film does look pretty darn good. I mean, the movie was never going to be the Jaws level of the underwater world, or anywhere near it, but the setting does look good. The film packs a mood. It might not always be the most exciting mood, but there is a mood here regardless. I think if you will enjoy a film like this comes down to if you want to see just what a giant pissed off octopus will go out of its way to kill. Kids, peg-legs, women in bikini, and the list goes on and on in a film like Tentacles. It isn’t top of the line horror, but it does what it needs to when it needs to. This movie is probably worth the purchase alone and that is a very good thing all things considered.

Tentacles still 9_{8354fce9-420a-e511-a207-d4ae527c3b65}_lg


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Quality of Transfer: 94%






Reptilicus (1961) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Sidney W. Pink
Starring: Bent Mejding, Asbjørn Andersen, Povl Wøldike
Rated: PG

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Discover the true meaning of survival of the fittest, as a terrifying creature from the past brings the future to its knees! Packed with thrills, chills and prehistoric spills, Reptilicus proves that “if cats have nine lives, monsters have even more” (Citizen News)! Directed by Sidney W. Pink (writer and producer of the cult films The Angry Red Planet, Pyro), Reptilicus is a spine-chilling creature feature about a cold-blooded 90-foot killer whose time has come… again!

Reptilicus still 5_{cea99b69-430a-e511-a207-d4ae527c3b65}_lg

A movie like Reptilicus might have been given to the world in 1961, but it has a very 50ish feel to it. It seems almost in limbo, as it gives us creature feature goodness in color, but still has those wacky comedic moments you’d see in the 50s. I don’t want to say that I dislike a movie like Reptilicus, but I just can’t seem to dig it as much as I probably should have all things considered. It has that nice science fiction glow to it, one that makes you think that perhaps it would have been cool to drive-in and watch something like this back in the day, even if you’ve never been to a drive-in movie in your life. This is basically the blue print for what they’d show during that time. It has fun and campy moments, it also has very cheesy moments. The balance between the two is where I think we get our issues overall with a film like this. It feels like a rip-off of Godzilla, which I’ve not checked, but it probably was. Basically, every giant monster movie was. This one isn’t as charming and packs the same mistakes those old school Godzilla movies pack, especially in the pacing.

Reptilicus still 11_{2d7310a6-430a-e511-a207-d4ae527c3b65}_lg

Reptilicus still 13_{5be766bc-430a-e511-a207-d4ae527c3b65}_lg

All that said, I DO like the look of Reptilicus. It is silly, but it is a good kind of silly in my opinion. I can handle something like this very easily and while there might be some things wrong with the film in general, Reptilicus itself isn’t one of them. Sure, it isn’t as cool as some other monsters we’ve seen, but it makes do. Overall, is Reptilicus in general the worst giant monster movie we’ve ever seen? No. It might be kind of close to it in a lot ways, however. The cheesy factor is both a positive and a negative, with your personal taste deciding which side of the coin it ends up on the most when all is said and done. That being said, now that I’ve seen Reptilicus, I probably won’t be seeing it again anytime soon. It just isn’t my cup of tea and not even my style of giant monster movie.

Reptilicus still 17_{155346e4-430a-e511-a207-d4ae527c3b65}_lg


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Quality of Transfer: 83%


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