Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale (2012) (DVD Review)

Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale (2012) (DVD Review)

📅18 September 2012, 13:45

Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale (2012)
Director:  Mark P. Forever
Where to get it: Danger After Dark

A handful of mysterious Japanese women take part in a deranged web show that makes them strip off their clothes when they lose a round of Mahjong. When there is nothing left to hide, secrets are revealed and they must take their punishment. So take note that if we get nothing else from this movie we at least get an Asian girl T and A show. And for some that will be enough on its own.

One look at the cover of this release will show you why you should buy it. If you want to see hot Asian women getting naked and partaking in sexual acts that are not limited to normal means, then here you go! We got them playing a game on a game show and getting naked. We got lesbians and straight forward sexual acts. We have about anything sexual you could want in a none- porn level, but we do lack a good plot. And as much as I love naked Asian women, I do also wish we have a plot.

So you could say a movie like this is harmless. And it really is harmless. If you are into girls you get plenty of that here. There isn’t much of a plot going down and it does seem to drag on from time to time, but it isn’t a film that is unwatchable by any means. If you are sure what you are getting into while you watch this then there won’t be an issue, just don’t go into it thinking you’ll get more of a Battle Royale situation outside of just the rules of the game in some ways and the cover.



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