Strange Circus (2005) (DVD Review)

Strange Circus (2005) (DVD Review)

📅15 November 2012, 14:15

Strange Circus (2005) (DVD Review)
Director:  Sion Sono
Where to get it: Danger After Dark

In Tokyo, the twelve year-old girl Mitsuko accidentally sees her parents having sex in their bedroom and her dysfunctional and pervert father Ozawa Gozo, who is the principal of her school, forces her to see her mother Sayuri having intercourse with him hidden inside a cello case. Then Osawa rapes Mitsuko and forces her mother to see the incestuous intercourse with their daughter. Osawa lives with Mitsuko and Sayuri and has sex with them, and Sayuri is jealous of her own daughter. The dysfunctional family is affected first by a murder and then by an attempt of suicide. But the bizarre story is actually a novel written by the disabled writer Taeko that uses a wheelchair to move. When her publisher visits her with his new hire Yuji, he gets close to her and helps Taeko to find the truth about her past. But in the end, which one is the dream?

Sion Sono makes some very weird and creative movies and here we have another one that falls right into that category with Strange Circus! This is a film that you don’t want to say that you legit like it based off the tongue in cheek plot and what the film deals with, but it is a very good movie and it does a fine job of making you care and making you interested. And while it might be more than extreme in what it deals with I really did like how it cleverly told its story and how it keeps you second guessing what you are seeing even up until the credits start to roll. This is a movie that is well acted, well written, and never lets up on its onslaught from start to finish.

While I wouldn’t say that this movie surpasses Sono’s other film, Suicide Club, it does come close in matching it in a whole lot of ways. Sono is clearly a very creative director and this movie proves why this man could rival such directors as David Lynch in his strange tales of sex and violence. While it is vulgar and nasty way to describe it, you almost feel as if your mind is being raped by this movie while watching it. It is just THAT strange, but going by the name of this film that must surely be the director’s intent. This is a really gnarly movie and I mean that in the best way possible.



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