Space Clown (2016) (DVD Review)

Space Clown (2016) (DVD Review)

Space Clown (2016) (DVD Review)

📅21 March 2017, 00:43

Space Clown (2016) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Graham Skipper
Starring: Jordann Baker, Brian Joseph Gillespie, Jeffrey Glaser
Rated: UR/Region: O/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available From Wild Eye Releasing

A filmmaker documents the weird, violent, and surreal torments of an extraterrestrial clown who has landed on earth to inflict pain and suffering on humanity.

I’m a fan of Graham Skipper in general. The guy always seems to pop-up in movies that are cool and I dig. This, however, was the first time I’ve seen a movie that he not only starred in but wrote and directed as well in Space Clown. This found footage film about a clown from space that crashes near the house of Skipper is probably just a film he along with some friends did as a joke when they weren’t busy doing something else. Now, I can’t confirm this but it seems like just a fun project they wanted to work on in downtime and I’d be shocked if much of it was that scripted. It feels like most of the film had some points or an outline and just let everyone be themselves. I also hate to say it, but I didn’t find the most of it to be all that compelling and often times I think something runs too long. I also didn’t find parts of it funny that I’m sure they probably thought were hilarious while making. I did find the actual Space Clown to be funny, but little besides that really seemed to be enough to ever make me want to toss this one in my DVD player again.

The movie does come along on the heels of a time period where clowns were all in the news and this movie in some ways does kind of put a whole other angle on that whole thing. If you recall the random clown sightings people saw last year. If this movie was done just for that then you could say it at least was pretty self-conscious of the current state of things. Having a release date of November 2016 before the actual DVD release in January, this movie feels like a rushed job in some ways to cash in on that whole thing which has since sorta died down. So, don’t expect too much besides a kinda funny clown in Space Clown and some cool visual effects here and there if you decide to give this DVD a spin. I still think Graham Skipper comes across as a very likable guy and he is a talented guy, but I don’t think Space Clown should be used as a measure of how good he is at making his own movies because I’m sure it had to be a bit rushed. I’d like to see what he can do when he isn’t just cashing in on recent fads.


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