Sledgehammer (1983) (DVD Review)

Sledgehammer (1983) (DVD Review)

📅13 October 2012, 00:51

Sledgehammer (1983) (DVD Review)
Director:  David A. Prior
Where to get it: CAV

A young boy murders his mother and her lover with a hammer. Ten years later, a wave of teenage murders plagues the same area. This shot on video slasher with a supernatural twist to it may be the most popular shot on video film ever made next to Blood Cult. Here is gets a red carpet affair with a nice DVD package from Intervision. Thus proving that you can stand the test of time to spite not being very good or coherent. But to that I simply say more power to ya, Sledgehammer.

So in the year 1983 I was born, McDonalds got the Chicken McNuggets, and director David A. Prior would make this film Sledgehammer that he seems to disown today. Now Sledgehammer tells the story we’ve heard before of dumb people going to a house in a “in the middle of nowhere” location only to find that they are being picked off by a very big and crazy man. Only the difference this time is we have a supernatural thing going on and it’s all done on the low budget and feel that we can only get from shot on video movies from the 1980s. It is slow moving, moody, and very eerie to its credit. But the best thing going for it is the gore and the best effect in my opinion is used first in the movie’s first kill.

But we have nudity, a food fight randomly breaks out, and someone way overuses the slow motion effect all during the running time of this awkward horror film. How awkward is it? Take a look around online at just what the characters look like. We got He-man here, or at least someone that looks like him. Hairy Neanderthals are here. We also have a dude with a gnarly 70s style porno mustache. So as weird as it might be to say, this live action car crash does pack entertainment in its rotten nutshell. All in all it’s a nice look at what can be done by any means and any budget. I just think there’s a good reason we never see Sledgehammer making anyone’s top 10 lists.



– Audio commentary with Bleeding creators Dan Budnik and Joseph Ziemba
– Audio commentary with Director David A. Prior
– Featurette with David Prior
– Featurette with Lead Actor Ted Prior
– Featurette with Cinefamily Programmers Hadrian Belove and Tom Fitzgerald
– Featurette with Alamo Drafthouse Programmer Zack Carlson
– Trailers

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