Shakes the Clown (1991) (Blu-ray Review)

Shakes the Clown (1991) (Blu-ray Review)

Shakes the Clown (1991) (Blu-ray Review)

📅14 August 2017, 13:04

Shakes the Clown (1991) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Bobcat Goldthwait
Starring: Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown, Bruce Baum
Rated: R/Region A/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Mill Creek Entertainment

Shakes plods about his duties as party clown, and uses all of his free time getting seriously drunk. Binky, another clown, wins the spot on a local kiddie show, which depresses Shakes even more, and his boss threatens him with unemployment if he can’t get his act under control. When someone murders Shakes’ boss and makes it look like Shakes did it, he goes undercover, posing as a hated mime, and tries to find information that will clear his name.

Man, I tell you Bobcat Goldthwait is a real hit or miss with me most the time. When I was a kid I dug the guy in Police Academy but outside of that I often find it hard to really enjoy seeing the guy. Now, I won’t take that and discredit his directing, as I feel he’s done a fine job in some cases (God Bless America) and then horrible in other cases (Willow Creek). Shakes the Clown was his first directed film from 1991 that he also stars in. It was also his last film he’d direct until much later on. It tells the very adult ins and outs of a down on his luck Clown, played by Bobcat Goldthwait himself. It can be a bit rough around the edges here and there, but it also manages to shockingly works from time to time, thus making it an average but still watchable film for the most part.

This marks the first time this movie has made its way to Blu-ray but it also marks the first in what I hope it a new trend of Mill Creek really seeming to go out of their way for a Blu-ray release. The film looks fine like most films often do from Mill Creek on Blu-ray but this time the movie comes with a slipcase and some extras as well. Or at least an audio commentary which is always a very welcomed thing with me. Shakes the Clown might not be for everyone but it is at least a film where you’ll find Bobcat Goldthwait shockingly tolerable. You may even find yourself laughing a time or two, which in an R-rated comedy is never a bad thing.


– Audio Commentary with Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown, and Tom Kenny

Quality of Transfer: 88%



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