Out of the Shadows (2017) (DVD Review)

Out of the Shadows (2017) (DVD Review)

Out of the Shadows (2017) (DVD Review)

📅12 October 2017, 00:08

Out of the Shadows (2017) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Dee McLachlan
Starring: Goran D. Kleut, Lisa Chappell, Jake Ryan
Rated: MA/Region: 4/Widescreen/Number of Discs: 1
Available From Umbrella Entertainment

Unaware of its dark and sinister history, a detective and his pregnant wife move into their dream home, sparking a chain of events destined to haunt them beyond their wildest nightmares. Fearing their baby is being tormented by a supernatural force they seek the help of a renegade demonologist who must investigate the past to save the family.

Out the Shadows starts off interestingly enough. We follow a pregnant woman who begins to hear and see things. At first, her husband doesn’t buy it, but soon enough she’s seeking help from a church and we have some creepy moments that I did enjoy. It is the second half of the film where I think things tend to fall apart just a bit too much for the movie’s own good. The creepy and subtle make way for a bit more of a straightforward horror film with an incarnation of evil taking the place of a more ghostly one. That is where the issue with the film comes into play. I really didn’t care that much for the demon in this one when he comes to us in a live form. The movie loses a lot of steam there. That’s when characters also start doing some rather questionable things and it just hampers the good faith the film had built up to that point.

It is in these moments when our characters start to unravel. People who have been smart up till this point do dumb stuff and people start to get killed off in really uneventful ways. The movie just seems to take a bit of a bleak turn and when this happens we move on from more of the supernatural and the creepy stuff to blunter and a bit unorganized. I really do wish that the film had kept the pace and the tone of the start of the film, but that isn’t the case and it hurts the movie in the long run for the changeup. Plus, it also packs a bit of ghostly twist you’ll see coming from a mile away.


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