Science Crazed (1991) (DVD Review)

Science Crazed (1991) (DVD Review)

Science Crazed (1991) (DVD Review)

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Science Crazed (1991) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Ron Switzer
Starring: Cameron Klein, Tony Della Ventura, Robin Hartsell
Rated: UR/Region: 0/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available From Videonomicon


Called one of the worst or at least most awkward movies ever made! A mad scientist injects a woman with an untested growth serum. She dies but gives birth to a full-grown monster. Coming to DVD for the first time from Videonomicon, this region O DVD release is limited to only 1,000 copies! You can also get this on VHS from the Videonomicon web-site as well as other neat releases you won’t find anywhere else.


I’ve heard that Science Crazed was a key-lime pie of a movie. One of those movies that was so bad you just had to see it. I’ve heard it called everything from the worst movie you’ll ever see to being something you just had to see to believe. Well, I have the new limited DVD a spin from Videonomicon and it for better or worse does live up to a lot of those things people have said about it. First off the movie is presented on DVD by way of a master of two VHS tapes (the film masters are lost). So it doesn’t look too pretty but the look of the film oddly fits the mood of the movie if that makes any sense to you. The plot is about a thing as a $1 pack of toilet paper from the Dollar Tree but nobody that has heard of this movie is heading into it looking for a solid plot. In some ways, I can see why some love this awful movie. We don’t get much in the way of character development or dialogue but when it does happen it is delivered in such an awkward way that you can’t help but laugh at it. It also makes just about anything that does get said in the movie pretty darn quotable. You won’t be handing anyone in this movie a reward but you can have some fun with friends with this one if nothing else. Which I’d recommend the only way to watch this movie would be to watch it with a group of friends, preferably drunk. You’d expect a lot of fun to be had with a movie where a woman gives birth to a full grown monster called “The Fiend” who goes on a very slow-moving rampage, but you’d be shocked at about how much alcohol could probably help things out.

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So what makes the movie so bad, awkward, and weird? Well, it’s a bit of a long and drawn out story but not as drawn out as the movie tends to be. You basically get about twenty minutes of plot dragged out for roughly 83 very long minutes. That opens the door for probably some of the most obvious paddings you will ever see in a movie. Long takes, repeated viewing of this Fiend dragging his feet slowly, and the most random and long aerobics and workout scenes you’ll ever see is among what we see to make-up the time. Most people will probably be making a dive for their remotes to end this madness but odds are if you are reading this site you’ll be like me and apparently enjoy torturing yourself with just the type of none sense that a movie like Science Crazed has to offer. Is this at all a good movie? God, no. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I’m not sure I’d even call what we get here a “good” bad. But what we get here is something you probably want to say you saw at least once if you are a fan of such oddball and awful films as I am. You won’t be reaching for this movie a lot. Especially if you are going to be watching alone, but Videonomicon from Canada at least gave this Canadian movie a very good release with a commentary, interviews, and a very cool looking reversible cover. So I guess what I’m trying to say is this is a very good release for a very awful movie.


– “Cameron Klein’s Science Crazed Q&A at Shock Stock 2014” Audio Interview with star Cameron Klein featuring Stills Gallery!
– “Cameron’s Grim Stitch Factory” Interview with star Cameron Klein!
– “Science Crazed Changes Everything” Interview with Pontypool author Tony Burgess!
– Audio Commentary with’s Paul Corupe and Rewind This!’s Josh Johnson!
– Original Home Video Trailer!
– DVD-ROM Content & Other Surprises!
– Includes liner notes from Hamilton Trash Cinema’s Ben Ruffett and Rewind This!’s Josh Johnson!
– Features reversible cover artwork featuring the original TriWorld home video artwork and new cover artwork by artist and Videonomicon co-founder Jon Vaughn!


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