Schoolgirl Report #9 (1975) (DVD Review)

Schoolgirl Report #9 (1975) (DVD Review)

📅15 November 2012, 13:42

Schoolgirl Report #9 (1975) (DVD Review)
Director:  Walter Boss
Where to get it: Impulse Pictures

After an awkward night with her new husband, the too young 18-year-old Petra decides to celebrate her upcoming divorce by attending the private house party.  A young virgin named Tessy is concerned about losing her virginity at the orgy scheduled for the party, so her friend Paul does something sure to help her not get laid.  A creepy father sexually assaults his own step-daughter after discovering her having a lesbian encounter, and gets himself into hot water after discovering she is now pregnant with his child.  Katja and her boyfriend visit her parents on their 20th wedding anniversary, only to discover they’ve transformed into lame “hipsters”.  Claudia is haunted by memories of a flasher wearing a huge dildo and this trauma has made her frigid.  Monika and her boyfriend Karl are down on their luck and her parents think they should get married and start a life together.

These Schoolgirl Report movies are all in a class of their own and it’s mainly due to their strange manner in which they are presented. In a lot of ways these films are like anthology films and they use that method and mold it into their own thing. That would of course be the case with this one as well. And if you aren’t accustom with what these movies brings to the table this one would be a prime example of what they are. This movie isn’t porn but it is very erotic. This film is also rather funny at different times as well.

One thing that I think really helped with Schoolgirl Report #9 was that it was a very well laid out story. It’s for sure an odd movie and an odd plot, but it still remains very interesting and fun for its entire 91 minute running time. It also never hurts to have very attractive German women on the screen naked. In a lot of ways this film is a celebration of nudity! Maybe that sounds silly, but I think it’s a key selling point for the movie. And it does what it does very well at the end of the day. It is an odd one, but entertaining none the less.



– Removable subtitles

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