Red Scorpion (1988) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Red Scorpion (1988) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

📅12 June 2012, 14:56

Red Scorpion (1988)
Director: Joseph Zito
Where to get it: Synapse

Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, The Expendables) is Lt. Nikolai Rachenko, a Soviet Special Forces “killing machine” assigned to infiltrate an African rebel uprising and assassinate their anti-Communist leader. Taken into custody and tortured after the mission fails, he stages a harrowing prison escape. Befriended by an African bushman while on the run, Nikolai discovers he was fighting on the wrong side of this violent conflict all along. Nikolai finds the rebel army once more but, this time, he’s on their side and wages bloody war against his former comrades!

I must confess that until the new Synapse Blu-ray/DVD release of Red Scorpion I had never seen this film before. But I liked a good action flick. I can dig Dolph Lundgren movies. And I have liked every movie I have seen directed by Joseph Zito. So now that I have seen Red Scorpion I can tell you straight up that this film is all types of kick ass. Its action packed. It has some nice gore mixed in with it thanks to some help from effects master Tom Savini. All in the all it comes together to make one of the best action films you’ll see. It’s not just one of the best of it’s kind of the 80s, but perhaps one of the best of all time in general. And here it comes to you in a beautiful transfer thanks to the kick ass people over at Synapse.

And they really did do a great job with that. If you take a look at old copies of the film then you’ll see it’s a real no brainer to own this one. No matter if it’s an old favorite of yours or if you are seeing it for the first time. This film packs in a lot of things and it has a certain cool factor to it that makes it just fun from start to finish. I always have felt that Dolph Lundgren is one of the more underrated action stars out there. He has given great performances in such films as Rocky IV and The Punisher. Here he really is placed on display again. I truly believe Red Scorpion is finally getting its due with this release.

*All-New 2K High-Definition Digital Restoration of the Uncensored Version
*Audio Commentary with Director Joseph Zito and Mondo Digital’s Nathaniel Thompson
*All-New DTS-HD MA 5.1 Soundtrack Mixed Specifically for This Release
*ASSIGNMENT: AFRICA – Video Interview with Producer Jack Abramoff
*SCORPION TALES – Video Interview with Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini
*Rare Original On-Set Behind-the-Scenes Video Footage
*Animated Still Gallery
*Liner Notes on the Making of RED SCORPION by Jérémie Damoiseau
*Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots
*Reversible Cover Design

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