Night School (1981) (Blu-ray Review)

Night School (1981) (Blu-ray Review)

Night School (1981) (Blu-ray Review)

📅11 November 2017, 02:45

Night School (1981) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Ken Hughes
Starring: Rachel Ward, Leonard Mann, Drew Snyder
Rated: R/Region: A/1:78/1080p/Number of disc: 1
Available From Warner Bros.

They work by day, take a full schedule of classes all night and somehow find time for study and an occasional date. Women in the evening curriculum at Boston’s distinguished Wendell College do a lot to get ahead in life. But there’s someone who will go to even greater heights. Someone will do anything to get a head: a killer whose m.o. is the ritualistic decapitation of victims.

I think in the 80’s they made a horror movie about every holiday and place they could think of. That’s how we have a slasher called Night School. Here, we have someone in a leather jacket and biker helmet running around and slashing women up with a big ol’ knife while the local detective is hot on the case and trying to figure out the case. So in a lot of ways with the detective side of things, the movie might be considered a slasher but it also tends to packs a few Giallo characteristics and methods a well. While not a full-on bloodbath in the gore department, we do see random heads being placed places after the fact and we do get some blood, just some more in some areas than others. We always seem to cut away just before the big blow in a lot of scenes but we usually still get the aftermath anyway and that does help matters a bit.

The movie is a bit slow here and there but the main thing keeping the plot flowing is some stuff done to make more than one person look like they could be the killer. Like with most movies of this nature we have a few scumbuckets and shady people around, so at first, it might seem like it could be anyone. I was still able to guess the killer before the big reveal and I think most people paying attention will be able to as well. For what it is, the movie is surprisingly watchable and while it isn’t cutting any new ground in the slasher department it is one that doesn’t really do anything out of the ordinary to make you not have fun with it. It looks solid enough and is just fun enough to get the passing grade from me.


– Trailer

Quality of Transfer: 90%



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