After Midnight (1989) (Blu-ray Review)

After Midnight (1989) (Blu-ray Review)

After Midnight (1989) (Blu-ray Review)

📅10 October 2017, 01:32

After Midnight (1989) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Ken Wheat, Jim Wheat
Starring: Judie Aronson, Marg Helgenberger, Marc McClure
Rated: R/Region A/1:85/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Scream Factory

Horror anthology about a college professor (Ramy Zada) teaching a course called “The Psychology of Fear”. He brings his students (including psychic Jillian McWhirter) to his home, one dark and stormy night to tell scary stories. The first involves a young couple whose car breaks down by an old, abandoned house. The second has four trendy teenage girls getting lost in a bad part of town, and chased by a pack of vicious dogs. Last, we have Marg Helgenberger confronting a stalker at the answering service where she works the night shift.

After Midnight is an anthology horror film from 1989. It has one of the perhaps longest and more drawn out wrap around stories you’ll find in an anthology, which might be a good thing since it is the best part of the movie by a mile. An uneasy girl and her friend arrive for a new class that promises to get everyone involved afraid. They eventually end up at the crazy professor’s house with some friends for some weird stories. this is where the segments of the anthology come into play. The first one deals with a couple who are seeking help from a house that is supposed to be haunted. This one comes with a pretty nice twist but gets a little iffy at the reward. Our next one deals with girls on the run from a crazy man and then his dogs. And then our final one deals with an operator who gets someone really crazy on the line. Both the last two mentioned aren’t that great if I am to be perfectly honest with you. But as noted before, the spooky house segment and the wrap around make this movie what it is, which sadly isn’t too much.

I was hoping if nothing else we could depend on some mood and atmosphere with this one but we don’t really get a whole lot of that. The release also doesn’t come with a whole lot of extra either. But if you do want this movie on a Blu-ray that at least looks nice, we do have that going for when it comes to After Midnight here. You can at least spot a few kind of well-known names here and there in this one, so trying to spot the actor is another thing you could do while watching this one. All in all, After Midnight isn’t the best anthology I’ve ever seen. It may not be the worst either, but it is totally a bit flat and I was very sad to see that being the case.


– NEW High-definition film transfer
– NEW Audio Commentary With Writers/Producers/Directors Ken and Jim Wheat
– NEW Interview With Actress Jillian McWhirter
– Original Theatrical Trailer

Quality of Transfer: 89%

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