The Lawnmower Man (1992) (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray Review)

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The Lawnmower Man (1992) (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Brett Leonard
Starring: Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Jenny Wright
Rated: R/Region A/1:85/1080p/Number of Discs 2
Available from Shout Factory

A scientist performs experiments involving intelligence enhancing drugs and virtual reality on a simple-minded gardener. He puts the gardener on an extensive schedule of learning, and quickly he becomes brilliant. But at this point, the gardener has a few ideas of his own on how the research should continue, and the scientist begins losing control of his experiments…

The Lawnmower Man was a film I have memories of from my childhood because it was a tape I rented back in the day at the video store when my video store renting was at its peak. Looking back at it now you’d probably call this tale of a “special” guy that not only gets smart but becomes God-like thanks to a computer program dated, but when you look at what it packs and what year it was, it seems a little ahead of the curve. This is 1992 and the graphics in the movie are above and beyond won’t most game systems could do at the time. This is an effect-heavy film and while here in this modern day it looks odd, this was top notch stuff back in the day. So you won’t hear me say a bad word about the graphics and game stuff in the movie. And I’m happy to report that with the 4K scan it all looks great on screen. Also, on that note, this was the very first time I had seen the Director’s Cut of the film and that was a nice addition to this release. Even if it probably doesn’t really change the film or my opinion of the film THAT much. If anything it seems to drag it down in spots.

Everything else in the movie is a bit average to the tee and the gore of it word. I mean we feel bad for our lead character of Jobe. Even when it turns bad it isn’t like he’s really THAT bad. He just becomes an over powerful being and takes out vengeance on bad people and then gets so smart that he seems the human race becoming basically what we are and wants to take care of it in a very bad way. I think the film is pretty good on the social commentary level and does predict the rise of VR pretty well. Pierce Brosnan is the film’s star but I find him to be a rather dull character and probably more of a bad guy than Jobe if you really think about it. Of course, he’s our hero and he has to rush in to save the day. The balance of the film just feels off to me at times and I think that makes a film that is good for a watch every now and again but it isn’t one I’d go to a whole lot unless I want to just show off the cool VR scenes.


DISC ONE – Theatrical Cut:

NEW 4K Scan Of The Interpositive
NEW Cybergod: Creating The Lawnmower Man – Featuring Interviews With Co-Writer/Director Brett Leonard, Actor Jeff Fahey, Editor Alan Baumgarten, Make-up Effects Artist Michael Deak And Special Effects Coordinator Frank Ceglia
Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Brett Leonard And Writer/Producer Gimel Everett
Deleted Scenes
Original Electronic Press Kit With Cast Interviews And Behind-The-Scenes Footage
Edited Animated Sequences
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot

DISC TWO – Director’s Cut:

NEW 4K Scan Of The Interpositive With Additional “Director’s Cut” Footage From The Original Camera Negative
Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Brett Leonard And Writer/Producer Gimel Everett
Conceptual Art And Design Sketches
Behind-The-Scenes And Production Stills
Storyboard Comparison

Quality of Transfer: 95%

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