Kill ‘Em All (2012) (Blu-ray Review)

Kill ‘Em All (2012) (Blu-ray Review)

📅10 December 2012, 22:16

Kill ‘Em All (2012) (Blu-ray Review)
Director: Raimund Huber
Where to get it: Well Go USA

From the director of BANGKOK ADRENALINE comes a non-stop action story that starts with a deathmatch, and takes it to the next level.  Get ready. Welcome to the Killing Chamber – a high-tech bunker where captured international assassins are ready to do what they do best, just to survive.  If they’re going to break out of this concrete hell, they must duel each other, fight deadly ninjas, and battle against gangs of masked maniacs. If they manage to survive that, they will have to confront Snakehead: the lethal, deranged top dog who will stop at nothing to KILL ‘EM ALL!

Kill ‘Em All gives fans of hand to hand combat movies exactly what they want. That meaning we get a lot of action and fighting scenes that do their jobs well enough. And in a lot of ways the manner of which this is shown to us does remind me of fighting video game movies such as D.O.A., Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat. That however does make way and give us a more traditional action film with lots of fighting and even some MMA style action tossed in with the norm. And while things are a tad bit predictable I do give it props for not being entirely predictable.

If this movie does have a flaw it might come in the form of a last minute plot development that comes to us in the third act and does seem to be a bit forced. It doesn’t really drag it down, but it does seem a little silly to not be at least hinted at more from the start. Besides that what you get is fun and full of action and that is what really counts at the end of the day. Also for you big Blu-ray fans out there who might want this, I can say you’ll be dazzled early on. When the movie starts we are treated to some very eye opening scenes. Then we kind of get taken underground with a darker setting and we don’t have that as much. Still, it is awesome while it lasts.

The Movie: (7/10)
The Transfer: (8.5/10)


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