iZombie Action Figures from Diamond Select Toys (Review)

iZombie Action Figures from Diamond Select Toys (Review)

iZombie Action Figures from Diamond Select Toys (Review)

📅07 November 2017, 12:40

iZombie is a pretty well-liked show on TV today and as a result, Diamond Select Toys has released some iZombie action figures! Here’s a look at a couple of them!


The first figure we take a look at here has Liv in her full-on zombie mode! As you can see she comes in the more basic Diamond Select style package. If this one is opened you’ll have to be really careful about it if you want to try to return her to the package.

I love the head mold on this one. Full on Zombie Liv looks great as you can see here.

She comes in her outfit that anyone who watched season 1 will notice. Diamond Select always does good on these details but I think they knocked it out the ballpark with her clothes here.

Liv has head, elbow, shoulder, hand/wrist moving action. She moves well at the knees and the ankles, but her shirt does hamper any sideways movement with her hip areas.

She comes with a whole set of alternate hands, a coffee cup, hot sauce, brains in a tray with noodles, and a pipe. If you take these out be careful because stuff like the hot sauce is cool but could be easy to lose.

Her hands switch out easy for alternate poses.

She also comes with a stand to help with the display.


Season 2 Liv Moore also comes in the same style package as the other one.

This time around she isn’t full-on zombie so we get a little more detail in the face that matches up with the actress who plays Liv better.

She’s rocking the jeans shirt and jacket this time around. Which is cool, but there is one more benefit from this look.

This version of Liv moves a lot more than the other one. Here you’ll have no trouble moving around her arms, legs, feet, head, hip, etc.

She also comes with a lot of goodies as well. She also gets a stand and coffee, but she gets a coffee holder as well. she also gets a bag, coffee cup, rat, phone, brain, bowl for the brain, and a knife.


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