Iron Protector (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

Iron Protector (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

Iron Protector (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

📅05 September 2017, 15:56

Iron Protector (2016) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Yue Song
Starring: Wai-Man Chan, Collin Chou, Yue Song
Rated: UR/Region: A/Widwscreen/1080p/Number of disc: 1
Available from Well Go USA

After the death of his clan master, Wu-Lin leaves the village for the City of Stone-cold to protect the daughter of the richest family in the city, Fei-Fei. When the city s most dangerous gang attempts to kidnap Fei-Fei, Wu-Lin is forced to fight them alone and discovers an even more sinister power is taking over the city.

I like movies that pack a whole lot of ass kicking and Iron Protector is a kick-ass movie that also just so happens to pack a lot of ass kicking. Starring a lead that could rival some of the best we’ve seen in this genre, this is a film that mixes a comic book vibe with wall to wall action. In this movie, our “Iron Protector” uses what skills he has to take the fight to the bad guys in his city in a mission to clean it up. This leads for some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in a very long time and to the film’s credit, most these things (if not all) were done without the use of computers and CGI effects. When you go into a movie like this the last thing you want to be is boring and you will not be bored while watching this one. This movie packs enough of old school style to make you nostalgic for the Kung Fu films of old but also has enough new school action to bring something different to the table as well.

So, if you want a movie that more or less allows you to turn your brain off and just watch good old-fashioned violence, then this is one you’ll want to see for sure. Song Yue is a name I don’t recall ever hearing before but for his work on this movie, I do look forward to seeing more of his work as a director. While I know this is never a movie anyone will want to call a five-star masterpiece, because it just isn’t that kind of movie at heart, I will say that for what it is, it is a fun watch and a very solid movie.


– The Chase
– The Final Battle
– Training, Stunts, and Fighting Highlights
– Trailer

Quality of Transfer: 96%

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