Inner Demons (2014) (DVD Review)

Inner Demons (2014) (DVD Review)

Inner Demons (2014) (DVD Review)

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Inner Demons (2014) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Seth Grossman
Starring: Lara Vosburgh, Morgan McClellan, Kate Whitney
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of discs: 1
Available from MPI HOME VIDEO


When the teenaged daughter of a religious family transforms from straight-A student into heroin addict, her parents agree to allow a reality TV show crew to stage an intervention and document her recovery. But what they don’t know is that she has been taking drugs to deal with the unnatural, evil feelings that have been growing inside of her. And when she agrees to rehab, with no drugs to suppress that malevolent force, she and everyone around her will find themselves in mortal danger from an entity far worse than they could have ever imagined. Exploring the blurry lines between addiction, possession and mental illness, director Seth Grossman’s INNER DEMONS refreshes the horror genre with a grounded, layered story of a young girl’s battle against demonic possession.


There is a lot to praise in a film like Inner Demons, even if there is still some areas you could be a bit underwhelmed with. For starters, this is another found footage film. Making it probably the 100th one I’ve seen this year alone. This style is seriously being played out and when you hit play on a movie and see that this is again what you are dealing with, it makes you sort of roll your eyes and hold your head in dismay by┬ádefault. The only saving grace for this is if the movie offers up at least something different and that is where this one at least keeps its head above the high found footage water. We have a strong female lead with a problem that gets mixed with another problem. Nobody knows if the girl is on drugs, having withdrawals, or if it is in fact a demon. I think you can probably guess which it is, but it makes for some entertaining scenes, and while it isn’t always must see TV, it does enough to make you hold on until the end. The camera stuff can be annoying, but characters all seem strong enough to keep things steady until the last act of the film.



And folks, let me tell you, even if you find yourself bored at times during this one, the last act is what makes this movie. It comes across as if the makers of the film were just tossing jabs during the whole movie just so they could unload the heavy┬áhitting at the end, which is exactly what happens. It gets you in the gut a couple of times at the end and the ending is exactly why I’d tell someone to watch this movie, even if it isn’t as good leading up to the last part of the movie as whole. Still, if you can stomach another horror flick in this very tired style, this one might be more rewarding for you overall than your usual one in this style. I’d mildly recommend it, but I also still think the last part of the movie is some really surprising and tense stuff.



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