Harvest Moon (2007) (DVD Review)

Harvest Moon (2007) (DVD Review)

Harvest Moon (2007) (DVD Review)

📅11 November 2017, 02:29

Harvest Moon (2007) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Brent Nowak
Starring: Brad Ashten, Jennifer Black, Karen Corona
Rated: UR/Region: O/1:33/Number of disc: 1

Adam Baldini invites a group of his friends to his family’s apple orchard for a weekend getaway, only for them to be killed off one by one by a mysterious hatchetman.

Harvest Moon is an older indie film from 2007 that has gotten a DVD release in 2017. Right off the bat, the movie does look a little on the cheap side, but it also kind of looks like something you’d have seen on the Sci-Fi channel back around this time. On one hand, it kind of makes you nostalgic just a bit of the stuff that came out around this time but then again, the movie isn’t that good. The plot of the movie above tells you it is a mysterious hatchetman, but we know up front who’s doing what. People are all acting a bit strange and I’m not sure if we are to believe these apples they are always talking about in the movie really have anything to do with it or not. Likeable people are few and far in between but the movie has a short running time so we don’t spend too much time on much of anything regardless. Still, I won’t spoil anything but the best bet we have for the movie’s final girl doesn’t make it to that point and I think that hurt this one a lot.

At the end of the day, Harvest Moon is a movie that stays just watchable enough to finish it but isn’t anything you’ll want to spend too much time thinking about or even going back to watch again after. Our whole plot doesn’t make the most sense and I’m still a bit confused by some of the plot elements we see in it. We have some good looking women to look at and some violent moments but nothing too special on that end and we could have probably used a bit more blood to really give this one a much needed shot in the arm. As it is, Harvest Moon is just kind of there. Which is a shame but I don’t think anyone will get anything here they can’t live without seeing.


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