Grimewave (2013) (DVD Review)

Grimewave (2013) (DVD Review)

Grimewave (2013) (DVD Review)

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Grimewave (2013) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Jason Matherne
Starring: Justin Huber, Steve Waltz, Anthony Carias
Rated: UR/Region: 0/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available From Wild Eye Releasing


When the Cockface Killer stumbles upon an underground drug deal, he accidentally thrusts his way into the New Orleans crime scene. Rival gangs led by Asian Kingpin Big Wang and bad ass biker gang, The Douche Lords, must set aside differences to recruit incestuous assassins, dirty cops, and mystical ninjas to rub out Cockface before he ruins everything! Tensions climax and Cockface must beat off news reporters, TWO rival gangs, and black magic occultists at the biggest sexual Olympics competition in the world! Grab a clean towel; here comes a GRIMEWAVE!


Grimewave is actually the 3rd film in the Cockface Killer series. Sadly, I’ve not seen either of the original Cockface Killer movies but something as wild and sex crazed as this makes me really want to see them. Basically at a place covered as massage parlor all is going well until our killer with a cock on his face stumbles in and unleashes his sexual frustrations on everyone around. This draws the interest of the daughter from the Asian gang who catches the tail end of the mayhem. Naturally, they first think it has to do with a rival gang and semi-business partner until they learn better and then that gang joins up to try to stop the killer. Add in a subplot about a down on his luck reporter trying to get the story, a romance between the two gang representatives after Cockface, and a whole heck of a lot of random sexual driven sex scenes mixed with gore all over the place and we have our weird but strangely interesting movie. The plot is there and is what it is, but so much crazy and off the wall stuff happens that you probably will have it take a backseat to the overall spectacle of the movie. The movie seems to be tossing a lot against the wall to see what sticks and mostly everything it tosses sticks in one form or another. From an overuse of sexual innuendo that still safely lands a spot in the movie to a very funny ninja and a “dark” Cockface summoned to help fight the original Cockface, this movie makes sure it does what it wants regardless of how crazy it might sound. The end results are a very fun movie that some might not appreciate but those who are into stuff of this nature will have a blast with.

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Outside the actual movie, I was impressed with the use of effects this one has. Not so much any CGI gore, which is one thing I don’t care for, but with just visual effects. All sorts of computer work is used to add something to a scene and it usually helps or at least makes you laugh. Near the end of the movie two people doing battle goes into an almost Mortal Kombat video game fight scene, complete with energy level bars and flat visual surface. The people who are handling the computer and green screen end of things certainly know what they are doing and are very good at it. Overall this movie seems to have a little bit of everything. It packs sex scenes of both the straight and gay variety, the body count gets soo high that I can’t even really keep count of it, and all in all, it seems like everyone is just having a great time with making what they are making. That always seems to show and help with any film but especially with one like this. Wild Eye Releasing is putting this movie out on DVD and if you are a fan of the Astron 6s, Taints, or general new-age grindhouse type movies of the world, then GrimeWave is something you’ll want to snatch a copy up of. Heck, you may then want to track down the other two films in the series after as well.



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