Gnome Alone (2015) (DVD Review)

Gnome Alone (2015) (DVD Review)

Gnome Alone (2015) (DVD Review)

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Gnome Alone (2015) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Timothy Woodward Jr. and John Michael Elfers
Starring: Verne Troyer, Kerry Knuppe, Bill Oberst Jr.
Rated: R/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available from Lions Gate


Just when Zoe thinks she’s all alone in this world, an old woman passes on her bewitched Gnome (Verne Troyer), who is bound by magic to protect his master. Zoe quickly realizes that he isn’t your garden variety gnome, when he begins eliminating her enemies in extravagant displays of revenge. Zoe must find a way to stop this mischievous gnome, before Zoe and her friends become victims of his trickery.


Here we have a film that was originally titled “Legend”, so in order to either avoid confusion with that old Tom Cruize movie of the same name or to either attempt to sound so ridiculous that people can’t help but to notice it, the film’s name has been changed to the ever so charming, “Gnome Alone”. Sadly, the Gnome isn’t alone on Christmas with people trying to break into the house he’s in the yard of. Regardless, it stars Verne Troyer of Austin Powers fame and while I suspect the movie might have been written in crayon on construction paper, I’ll be damned if the darn thing doesn’t still manage to somehow perform a small miracle by remaining just entertaining and interesting enough. The film starts off making us believe we’ve somehow stumbled across some bastard Leprechaun sequel with some small fellow doing his best Warwick Davis impression. We hear the complicated back-story of how this Gnome came to be and we even get Bill Oberst Jr. on screen for a bit drooling and acting like a madman. In other news, water is wet. The back-story is what it is, but it looks cool the way they present it. We then flash forward to now and into a world filled with some of the worst people you’ve ever seen on screen, however, seeing how this is California, maybe its accurate. If anything, this movie knows how to make you hate the people in it. But fear not, it also does an equally as good job making us like Zoe, our leading lady and perhaps the only really likeable person in this whole universe. By the way, she has mental issues and so does her mother. Let that just foreshadow to you the constant plot struggle of the film. When Zoe gets hooked up (not THAT kind of hooked up) with our Gnome, bad things happen and everyone is going to naturally think the crazy girl did it.



You’ve seen that before, time and time again. And we’ve seen this type of comedic horror movie villain before, but we’ve not seen it in a while and as a result, as corny as a wise-cracking Gnome can be, it is oddly acceptable given the fact we ARE watching a movie about a Gnome after all, right? It feels almost as if we’ve tossed comedic 80s and 90s horror into a blender with this. I don’t know if we end up with more leg warmers or slap bracelets, but the concoction is topped off with some awful CGI blood splatter on top for good measure, probably the biggest crime this film commits against us horror fans overall. What this oddball film brings is an strange combo, but it works in more spots than not. Even if the movie can play with our emotions by making us laugh one minute and then make us roll our eyes the very next. Verne Troyer seems to be having a fun time. I can see why he appears to be having more fun feeling up one of the hottest cast members than he is when he’s just standing around dropping elementary school one liners. I know I enjoyed watching it more when a hot girl was naked or half naked on screen than the later as well. Bottom line is, this Gnome isn’t Freddy by any means, but it is probably just as good as some C Squad horror characters, like the fellow tiny terror that was Leprechaun. Which is good since I get the feeling our next installment of this killer Gnome might play the two against each other, even if it isn’t technically THE Leprechaun it will be doing battle with. Call me crazy, but I didn’t hate this movie. I by no means loved it, but like the easy girl in town that never tells you “no”, it can be put to use when you have nothing else going on.



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