Forever Evil (1987) (Special Edition) (DVD Review)

Forever Evil (1987) (Special Edition) (DVD Review)

📅12 December 2012, 14:44

Forever Evil (1987) (DVD Review)
Director:  Roger P. Evans
Where to get it: VCI Entertainment

The sole survivor of a backwoods massacre investigates the incident with the help of a photographer and a police officer. Soon, it becomes clear that they’re up against nothing less than an ancient god! I also want to point out in advance that the director himself doesn’t think too highly of this one and you should check out the commentary track.

I will happily admit that this movie starts off really well. When this one starts rolling it isn’t long until bodies start racking up, we see naked women in the showers, and guts are on screen. Of course sadly l the proverbial honeymoon wraps up a little far too quickly and things get dragged down a whole heck of a lot at that point. What went wrong here? How is it that this movie went from awesome to below average so quickly? I am not entirely sure, but it does disappoint me a bit. And by the time we get anything as interesting as that again we are well into this long film that creeps at a snail’s pace.

As a matter of fact I will go ahead and recommend the video cut of this film just because it shaves ten minutes off the film. I believe the film would have worked pretty well with about fifteen or more minutes cut off what we get here, but it is what it is. There is that cool 80s vibe in this one. We get some cheesy effects and monsters and some pretty awesome gore in spots. Those elements alone make the movie not a total waste, but it could have been soo much more than what we got. At least the director here is aware of this movie’s faults. That is always cool to see and hear.



– Two versions of the film
– Commentary
– Photo Gallery
– Trailer

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