Flowers (2015) (3 Disc Limited Edition DVD Review)

Flowers (2015) (3 Disc Limited Edition DVD Review)

Flowers (2015) (3 Disc Limited Edition DVD Review)

📅27 October 2015, 18:22

Flowers (2015) (3 Disc Limited Edition DVD Review)
Directed By: Phil Stevens
Starring: Colette Kenny Mckenna, Krystle Fitch, Anastasia Blue
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 3
Available from Unearthed Films (Limited Edition)

Some don’t understand when the roller-coaster of life stops and their life ends. Some go up and others… find themselves in Purgatory to either find redemption or to choose damnation. Where do the murder victims go when they have a chance to choose’ A mind-bending, artistic ride down the road to hell. Are you willing to damn yourself or accept salvation’ This version packaged with CD Soundtrack.

Flowers is a very strange animal. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it and I’m willing to bet most of you haven’t seen anything like it either. Now, will you like it? I don’t know. If you like artsy films that just so happen to have no dialogue to them at all, then you’ll probably have a leg-up in your Flowers experience. I find it a bit hard to talk about a movie like this without spoiling it, but here I will certainly try my best. We start this film off with what looks like a woman who was attacked by a serial killer but still alive under the very house the guy does his dirty work in. She proceeds to crawl through what looks like the remains of other people who have been killed. From there, things get really crazy. We get flashbacks and then when we reach a certain point the story switched to someone else and this happens again and again with a bit of a twist on what is actually going on. It is a very strange movie, but all the same, it is also a really creative movie. A certain key-lime pie of a film that won’t be for everyone will totally be appreciated by others. You can’t deny the artistic vision of this one. It isn’t always easy to watch for one reason or another, but it makes its point. Even if I’m not sure I get the point at the end of the day. It is a live action abstract art painting and I think we need more stuff like it, even if it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This movie doesn’t offer up any dialogue (you don’t see that every day), but we do get a number of pretty nasty things on-screen. We have blood, guts, maggots, and nudity that isn’t limited to just women. It is all some pretty weird stuff overall and I know some people out there who are big fans of the underground horror scene will be eating this stuff up. Other folks who come across is might be fine with it as long as they have the stomach for it. The whole thing isn’t much over and hour-long and I can admit that I think it gets a little bit repetitive near the ending, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make sure you hit the full-length film mark. I might have been just a bit bored by the end, but I appreciate the art side of the movie and the ending is artistic if nothing else. You also get some pretty cool practical effects work that is pretty cool to see as well. You also can’t deny the time that went into a location and the set. This thing looks creepy from all angles and isn’t the type of stuff we see every day. Which is good, because if we did see it every day we wouldn’t be able to appreciate what we do get when we get something like this.


Disc 1 (Feature Film)
– Commentary with Writer/Director Phil Stevens
– Commentary with Editor Ronnie Sortor
– Isolated Sound FX Track
– Interview with Bryant W. Lohr SR.
– Original Audition Video of Makaria Tsapatoris
– Still Gallery
Disc 2 (CD Soundtrack)
Disc 3
– The Making of Flowers
– Deleted Scenes
– Storyboards Video Gallery
– Kiss Me Whore pt 1 (Short Film)
– Kiss Me Whore pt 2 (Short Film)


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