Electric Apricot (2006) (DVD Review)

Electric Apricot (2006) (DVD Review)

Electric Apricot (2006) (DVD Review)

📅11 July 2017, 17:03

Electric Apricot (2006) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Les Claypool
Starring: Jonathan Korty, Adam Gates, Bryan Kehoe
Rated: UR/Region: O/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available From Troma

Electric Apricot is a spoof of jam bands centered around the band, Electric Apricot, in the style of “This Is Spinal Tap”. The members of the band go by the assumed names, Steve Hampton Trouzdale on bass and vocals, Steve “Gordo” Gordon on guitar and vocals, Herschal Tambor Brillstien on keyboards and vocals, and Lapland “Lapdog” Miclovik on drums and vocals.

Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo is a very odd fake documentary about a fake band named Electric Apricot. Here we have the comedic story of them forming, coming up with a name, and a look at the band members. Of course, this is only the start as we then follow them on a bit of a tour, meet crew members, and have other weird things taking place. The story of this “jam” band ends up being a more raw version of Spinal Tap, but I’m not knocking it for that because those types of movies are always entertaining and that is the case here. While it isn’t as good of a film as Spinal Tap is, it at least does come across much more realistic despite having some faces you’ll surely recognize it. If you watch a lot of Troma movies I think you’ll find that everything here fits well into that roster of movies they have.

I’m not much on the jam band side of things, so I’m not really that into the music the movie brings. I’m not so sure anyone really is supposed to be but if you are I’m sure that’ll be an added bonus. The movie doesn’t look that great but again that just goes to add to the overall feel and vibe they are going for with it. I think some of the shows are at least real which is a neat little thing to have to work with inside the movie. All in all, it was alright for what it was but it wasn’t really my type of film. I did have some fun with it, but I didn’t love it. I’m sure some of you will, but I just sort of chuckled at it and thought it was a little forgettable once the movie stopped.


– Trailer
– High Times Interview with the Cast
– Behind the Scenes Slide Show
– Deleted Scenes
– Intro by Lloyd Kaufman
– Tromatic Extras



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