Easter Casket (2013) (DVD Review)

Easter Casket (2013) (DVD Review)

Easter Casket (2013) (DVD Review)

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Easter Casket (2013) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Dustin Mills
Starring: Jason Crowe, Josh Eal, Erin R. Ryan
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1 (DVD-r)
Available from TLAvideo


All hell breaks loose when Peter Cottontail aka The Easter Bunny hears that the Catholic Church is about to do away with all Easter rituals not pertaining directly to the resurrection of Christ. With Father Asher (A warrior priest) hot on his trail Cottontail starts a rampage leaving the bodies of the clergy (and a few schoolgirls) in his wake. Can Asher stop him before its too late?


Easter Casket is made in the style of a Dustin Mills film that I first became accustomed to with his other movies Zombie A-Hole and Puppet Monster Massacre. It has this surreal vibe going for it, one that is made that way by the crafty tech work that Mills has put into it. It sets the atmosphere for what is to follow very well from the start, when the movie’s killer, The Easter Bunny Peter Cottontail, kills a nun in a very awesome looking church setting. From there we are introduced to some very interesting characters, one particular being the movie’s bad ass priest, Father Asher, among others. There is corruption, there is murder, there is nudity, and there is also a hilarious and creative plot that doesn’t ever bore you. Our bunny kill is a puppet, but I liked it. I think it not only stood out, but there is a clever side to the character, who also makes you laugh as he goes on his Easter themed killing spree. Heck, he even has kind of a good reason to do what he is doing if you break things down. This turns out to be one of those silly movies that is smarter than it appears on the surface, but still just something you kick on back and just relax while watching and enjoying.



From a character side of things, there is a great cast of actors playing a very amusing group here. Erin R. Ryan is here and that always only makes things better. I also found Jason Crowe to be great as our stone cold butt kicking priest. There is also a really Zordon-ish Super Pope and other creatures involved in the plot that make it an extremely outlandish, but still enjoyable flick. Sometimes when you have this much crazy stuff going on in a movie it is easy for the movie to lose its way and becomes a mess at points, or for the entire thing to jump the shark. I don’t think that ever happens here. I can understand why some might not love it as much as others, but I found it to be a cool and funny pop-corn flick if nothing else. It is a fun watch and would be fun to watch with a group of friends. I think if nothing else, it at least fills the void of not having a good Easter horror movie. This one might not be perfect, but it blows away any other Easter horror movie I have seen before now.



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