Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

📅13 March 2017, 16:54

Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery (2016) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Various
Starring: Various
Rated: 18+/Region 0/Various ratios/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Umbrella Entertainment (Click Here)

DRIVE-IN DELIRIUM is back – and now delivering 1080p times the insanity. Take an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling and trouser-bulging trip back to the “gory days” of big screen exploitation with this collection of the most astounding trailer trash ever to engulf the Age of Aquarius and the Disco era in cinematic up-chuck! Bursting with over 6 hours of non-stop sex, violence, monsters and mayhem – DRIVE-IN DELIRIUM.

It can take a different kind of moviegoer to watch something like a trailer compilation. Yet, they have found their audience in the more serious moviegoers who watch them to see what they have and maybe what they might have missed. I’ve always been a big fan of these things and while 42nd Street forever is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of releases made up of all trailers, I have heard of Drive-In Delirium and I’m very excited here to see it from Umbrella Entertainment in HD! This one, however, is like a two for one in a lot of ways seeing as how you get both the 60’s and 70’s. That means you get a disc full of all sorts of Grindhouse-filled goodness. From exploitation to sexploitation to blacksploitation and everything in between. It might just be the ultimate compilation of such things. It even comes with a pre-show, intermission, and post-show. Good stuff all around here!

Slashers, giallos, monsters, westerns, zombies, and more is what makes up all the time you’ll spend watching this one. All in all, you get 146 theatrical trailers remastered in high definition and you even get over 50 plus new ones that were added on just for this Blu-ray! It makes you want to own a whole lot of movies. I’m happy to say many of which I did own and many I want to own after seeing this. The trailers all have various qualities but overall this is a great looking compilation of trailers and many of which probably look better than even some of the releases they have. Umbrella Entertainment does a great job with this release and I had a whole heck of a lot of fun watching it. If you love trailers then you’ll need to certainly get your hands on this release.


– Trailer – original trailer for Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery
– Poster Gallery
– Reversible Sleeve

Quality of Transfer: 90%

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