The Devil’s Rain (1975) (Blu-ray Review)

The Devil’s Rain (1975) (Blu-ray Review)

The Devil’s Rain (1975) (Blu-ray Review)

📅07 November 2017, 18:10

The Devil’s Rain (1975) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Robert Fuest
Starring: Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Albert, Ida Lupino, William Shatner
Rated: UR/Region: O/2:39/1080p/Number of disc: 1
Available From Severin Films

A bunch of Satanists in the American rural landscape have terrible powers which enable them to melt their victims. However one of the children of an earlier victim vows to destroy them. Patriarch Steve Preston goes missing and worried mom Emma (Ida Lupino) sends eldest son Mark (William Shatner) in search of his father. Suddenly, a dying, eyeless Steve returns and demands that the family: “Give Corbis what belongs to him!” before dissolving into a gelatinous meltdown. Corbis (Ernest Borgnine) is a Satanic priest hell-bent on recovering a valuable book listing the names of those who sold their souls to the devil… a book that resides with the Preston family. Mark refuses to hand it over and puts up a brave fight, only to wind up an unwilling sacrifice. Occult expert, Dr. Richards (Eddie Albert) and Mark’s younger brother Tom (Tom Skerritt) plot to free the Prestons and destroy The Devil’s Rain, a bottle containing the souls of those already damned. The battle rages as the elixir is released and a bloody rain of devilry and malevolence is loosed upon a screaming, melting world.

The Devil’s Rain really wants you to know it is down with the devil! It wants you to know this so much that an opening credit shows us that none other than the founder of the Church of Satan helped supervise the devil stuff in it. Perhaps even more odd about the film is the list of big names that appear in it. This is a film with William Shatner, Tom Skerritt, Ernest Borgnine, and even John Travolta in his first role. The movie even hypes up having the most shocking ending in the history of film. Most of what you see and hear about this one is a lot more hype than the film can deliver. When you get down to the core of the movie you end up with a confusing film that packs a lot of cool effects, but might be a little too far off the rails to ever really be able to sink your cinematic teeth into and actually enjoy it. It has its moments but it also has its flaws and those might outdo the good.

The biggest shock about this film to me might be how they were able to get such big names in it. Shatner is here during the heyday of Star Trek and even had to take a couple weeks off while filming this to attend a convention. Perhaps that’s why his character kind of drops off the screen for a bit in the middle. This portion of the film depends on a lot on the character played by Tom Skerritt. I do find it hard to get behind anyone here because it gets a little bit hard to understand fully what is going on at times. One minute Shatner’s character challenges the evil cult leader to a battle of faith with his loved one and a book on the line, the next people are pilgrims in a flashback, and then finally it rains and people melt. I liked the effects, some of the makeup jobs are cool, but the movie might not be my overall cup of tea.


– Audio Commentary With Director Robert Fuest
– Confessions Of Tom – Interview With Actor Tom Skerritt
– The Devil’s Makeup – Interview With Special FX Artist Tom Burman
– 1975 Archive Interview With Actor William Shatner
– First Stop Durango – Interview With Script Supervisor Ana Maria Quintana
– Consulting with the Devil – A Conversation with the High Priest & High Priestess of the Church of Satan
– Hail Satan! – Interview With Anton LaVey Biographer Blanche Barton
– Filmmaker / Horror Collector Daniel Roebuck On The Devil’s Rain
– On Set Polaroid Gallery Of Script Supervisor Ana Maria Quintana
– Radio Spots
– Theatrical Trailer
– TV Spots
– Poster/Still Gallery

Quality of Transfer: 97%



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