Curtains (1983) (The Midnight Horror Collection: Bloody Slashers DVD Review)

Curtains (1983) (The Midnight Horror Collection: Bloody Slashers DVD Review)

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Curtains (1983) (The Midnight Horror Collection: Bloody Slashers DVD Review)
Directed By: Richard Ciupka
Starring:  Lauren John Vernon, Samantha Eggar, Linda Thorson
Rated: R/Region: 1/1×33/Number of disc: 1 (Double Sided Disc)
Available from Echo Bridge


Samantha Sherwood has worked with the well-known director Jonathan Stryker on all his major films. She naturally assumes she has been given the title role in his latest venture, “Audra”. He tells her that she nn needs to do some background research on the part, so arranges to have her committed to an asylum (as Audra is a former psychiatric patient). She goes along with this, not realising that he intends to leave her there indefinitely and audition six young women of various professions for the part instead. She finally manages to escape, and returns to the spooky old mansion where the auditions are taking place. But who is causing the disappearances of the young hopefuls?? Is it Samantha? Stryker? Or is one of the actresses willing to kill for the coveted part?? Just who is the killer behind the old-hag mask???


Curtains is a highly sought after slasher film for fans of 80s slashers and the only way you can get it besides VHS is on this slasher set from Echo Bridge. Now while the movie does looks like a VHS rip, the atmosphere and tone of the movie is still there and helps it out a great deal. We don’t really have a strong lead or a likeable character in the bunch, and to be honest things do drag an awful lot here. Still, when things do happen it is pretty cool to see. And some of the deaths are done in very memorable or creepy ways. And I’m sure any 80s horror fan will enjoy what they get with curtains a great deal.

It is my personal opinion that, Curtains, is a couple kills and a better pace away from being seen as more of a horror classic than it already is. The film does earn its cult status, but it does drag a little too much in some areas and it hurt things a bit. The movie does finish strong with a very good twist that most won’t see coming and helps things finish in such a strong way that is brings the movie up in quality as a whole.


– None



The Midnight Horror Collection also comes with..

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But this is as of now the ONLY way to get Curtains on DVD

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