Creep Van (2012) (DVD Review)

Creep Van (2012) (DVD Review)

📅05 December 2012, 20:21

Creep Van (2012) (DVD Review)
Director:  Scott W. Mckinlay
Where to get it: Inception

Life without a car can be murder. Nobody is going to learn that lesson faster than Campbell Jackson (Brian Kolodziej), a 20-something, out of work, out of options misfit in Detroit. Forced to take a dead-end position at a local car wash, Campbell sees a dilapidated 1970s van for sale. Little does he know it is the Creep Van, which is busy terrorizing the people of Michigan, creatively dispatching victims with a host of elaborately constructed booby traps inside its rusted walls. For those unwilling to climb aboard, the Creep and his Van have no qualms about running folks over or smashing through the occasional house. Campbell finds himself forced to team up with a sleazy conman named Swami Ted (Collin Bernsen) to hunt down and stop the Creep and his Van before it is too late.

This is a movie that has gained a lot of comparisons to old school 80s horror films and I can kind of see why. That meaning that it is a film that spends most its time with the gore and less about making you care that much about the characters. Now don’t get me wrong here, the characters aren’t terrible by any means. But as you get to watching Creep Van you learn pretty quickly that the bread and butter of this project is the outstanding gore effects that may be the best we’ve seen in a horror film this year. Everything else here is pretty average and predictable overall.

Creep Van however is a film that does seem to be a little self-aware of that very fact. Not a lot of time goes into making things seem any more than what they appear to be, that being a grindhouse style splatter film. We get nudity with this film, we get foul language, guest appearances by an iconic name or two, and we of course get blood by the buckets. This is one you’ll want to check out for sure if you love the gore side of horror. If you want much more than that you’ve came to the wrong place.



– Trailers
– Anatomy of a killer van smash
– Creep Van: Under the Hood
– Deleted Scenes
– Commentary

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