Catfight (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

Catfight (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

Catfight (2016) (Blu-ray Review)

📅18 April 2017, 03:32

Catfight (2016) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Onur Tukel
Starring: Sandra Oh, Anne Heche, Alicia Silverstone
Rated: UR/Region A/1:85/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available Dark Sky Films

Veronica (Sandra Oh) and Ashley (Anne Heche) were good friends in college, but now find themselves in very different walks of life. Veronica has become the entitled, wine-loving wife of a rich businessman, while Ashley, along with her lover Lisa (Alicia Silverstone), struggles to make ends meet as an artist. When they bump into each other at a fancy cocktail party, what starts as a friendly conversation quickly turns caustic before erupting into a vicious, bloody fight that will change both of their lives forever.

Catfight is an odd movie to judge in some ways. We have a movie about two different people that randomly cross one another’s paths, end up in a big fight each time, and then have their lives changed forever and dramatically in the aftermath of it all. Of course, these characters don’t seem to learn much from these things but that seems to be part of the dark humor portion of the film. We see two characters as our main focus that aren’t that likable from the get-go and I’m not sure we can ever really call them likable, even if Sandra Oh’s seem to at least become a little more likable than Anne Heche’s does once all is said and done. On top of all of that, we also have a film that has a lot of social commentaries to toss at us with stuff going on in the world this movie takes place in. So the movie certainly seems to have a point outside of the comedic fight scenes these two women have with one another at different points in the film, but you have to add logic to some stuff when you take into account what these women do to one another and then still mostly walk away after, or some years after in some cases.

I do like most of the cast and the acting this one has to offer. I especially took a liking to Ariel Kavoussi and her character. If she has big roles in anything else she’s been in I’d really like to check them out. Oh and Heche always seem to bring a class to their performances and they do here as well. Any flaws in the characters are probably due to the writing and not them in general. All in all, I do think Catfight might be worth a good once over just for the pure weirdness of it all. It’s very indie feeling and I’m sure that is just what it is. It might be a bit of a key lime pie in the form of a movie but I’m also sure it could end up being one of those love it or hate it types of films as well.


– Commentary with Writer/Director Onur Tukel and Anne Heche
– Violent Femmes: The Fight Choreography of Catfight
– Deleted Scenes
– Art Slideshow
– Trailer

Quality of Transfer: 96%




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