Body Double (1984) (Umbrella Entertainment Blu-ray Review)

Body Double (1984) (Umbrella Entertainment Blu-ray Review)

Body Double (1984) (Umbrella Entertainment Blu-ray Review)

📅10 October 2017, 17:01

Body Double (1984) (Umbrella Entertainment Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Brian De Palma
Starring: Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry
Rated: R/Region: B/1:77/1080p/Number of disc: 1
Available from Umbrella Entertainment

Lonely actor Jake Scully house-sits an upscale apartment. He enjoys its view of a sensual neighbor… until he accidentally spies her shocking death. But in a labyrinth of erotic deception, nothing is what it seems — including the identity of the femme fatale! To unlock the mystery, Jake must lure the woman who holds the key: the sexy Holly Body.

Body Double was the movie that introduced me to Brian De Palma and while his movies are mostly all winners, this one takes the cake as THE De Palma movie for me. The movie follows a down on his luck actor as he house sits for someone. He sees something he shouldn’t and then the next thing you know he’s knee deep in the porn business with a pornstar by his side for the mystery. I love this movie. I also love the performance of Craig Wasson. This is the type of movie that if it were made today we’d probably not have someone like Wasson as the lead, but thankfully this was the 80’s when everything goes and more times than not the end results are great. The end results with Body Double is great. This a near perfect film that might have needed just a little more blood to be a five-star film. Regardless, it is the type of movie that can cover lots of ground and lots of genres.

One of the coolest and most dramatic scenes I’ve ever seen myself in a film has to be the “drill” scene from this movie. You could show that scene to anyone and use it as a “how to’ guide for filmmaking. De Palma always shoots his films with a master’s eye but it feels like even that is in overdrive with Body Double. There are a few releases of the film out there, but Umbrella gives us the film with a great transfer. It also gives it to us with a number of extras. The movie comes with a total of four featurettes and two of them are clocking in at 17 minutes each. After you see a film like this you will appreciate the extras and the info on the film after. If by some reason you’ve never seen a Brian De Palma film before, you should start off with Body Double for sure.


– Body Double: The Seduction Featurette
– Body Double: The Set Up Featurette
– Body Double: The Mystery Featurette
– Body Double: The Controversy Featurette

Quality of Transfer: 95%



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