Antropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980) (DVD Review)

Antropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980) (DVD Review)

📅15 July 2012, 14:36

Antropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980)
Director: Joe D’Amato

In this film that tends to be released more under the name “The Grim Reaper”, tourists take a boat to a remote island, where they find that most of the people have disappeared, and something is stalking them. They find a hidden room in the big mansion on a hill, and an ancient diary, which gives them clues to the source of the terror. While what I’m about to write might not be the most favorable review, if you do want this movie, be sure to get it Shriek Show version.

Antropophagus is highly overrated. I am very sorry, guys, but there just isn’t any other way for me to word. I have really enjoyed a number of Joe D’Amato’s films, but this wasn’t one of them. And why is it that a movie which such a reputation fails in my opinion? It’s all about the pace here. The movie presents us with a very dark and scary character. This guy is a monster if there ever was one. And when this monster attacks people it’s awesome. The sad thing is all those attacks together maybe makeup around three minutes of the hour and half this film runs. The rest of the movie is spent with us being shown our characters just on a boat or walking around an empty village as confused about why nobody is there as I am on why this movie gets so much love.

I won’t lie; this movie does pack two very memorable scenes. These are scenes that are worth the talk that they get. But it’s also a fact (or at least my own opinion that I’ll call a fact) that besides that and a mean looking villain doing all this damage (all 3 minutes of it) the rest of the film brings nothing. I watched this film late and that was a mistake. I was fighting sleep and I didn’t even feel sleepy before. If you are thinking about watching this movie go right ahead. However, I do think you might be better off borrowing it or renting it somehow before taking the plunge in buying it. I only paid $7 for it myself. If you can find that type of deal then go ahead and buy It just to have it in the collection. Just don’t bother paying much more than that.


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