Looking at Some Cool Stuff from Serialkillershop.com

Looking at Some Cool Stuff from Serialkillershop.com

Looking at Some Cool Stuff from Serialkillershop.com

📅12 April 2017, 02:24

Since I’ve run this web-site (nearly 10 years now) I’ve run across my fair share of t-shirt companies. That being said, serialkillershop.com might just be one of the very best places I’ve gotten t-shirts from.

When you go to the site you’ll notice shirts for all your favorites like most sites have, Jason, Freddy, Michael, ect all have shirts here on the site you can buy. What sets the site from others, however, might be their selection of newer horror stuff and less common shirts. They have shirts for It Follows, Madman, and American Pyscho just to name few. And making it even better is the fact they come with designs I’ve not seen before. They even have true crime and comedy shirts.

I got three t-shirts from them and one sticker as you can see below…

Now the best way to see how good a t-shirt is is by trying them one. So, I tossed one on today….

I’m not t-shirt model but I am an honest reviewer. Not only did I think the shirts have a great feel to them, but they fit perfectly. I’ve gotten shirts from sites in my size and sometimes you have to worry about if their size is really the same as what you usually get from a shirt that size. Not being able to try something on before buying is an issue with online shopping but I will admit the unisex shirts these cool designs come on fit great and feel great. Just the way I like them to fit to be perfectly honest with you. These shirts come pre-shrunk but the site recommends still washing in only cold water and hang drying

While most shirts are $24.95 – $26.95 (My shirt was the later and got compliments from my friends), the site also offers a great deal in mystery shirts. The t-shirt portion of the deal is $12.95. I got two of those, one with Michael Myers’ face on the front and the other with Leatherface. These are just as good as the others but with perhaps not as much space being used in the art. Still, it is a great deal and not knowing what is coming is part of the fun and appeal.

All designs can also come on a different style and colored base shirts for different prices. This is where you can find some stuff on long sleeves, hoodies, and more. They also have stickers and beanies you can buy as well.

I got to admit that Serialkillershop.com is a site I’ve immediately become a fan of. If you guys are looking for something different to buy and wear I’d highly recommend checking them out!

You can also see their social media pages below..



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