Look at these Limited VHS from Alternative Cinema!

Look at these Limited VHS from Alternative Cinema!

Look at these Limited VHS from Alternative Cinema!

📅15 August 2016, 20:09

Alternative Cinema has been behind a number of cool DVD releases and labels. We’ve seen them release cool stuff under the Camp label before and even a cool Video Violence VHS set. Now they are back again with a few of limited VHS releases that are exclusive to their web-site. Making things even better, this time, around, they’ve gone the slipcase route for these VHS instead of the typical clam route that most labels have gone with limited releases. Let’s take a look at what they have available.

Night Terrors (limited to 100) CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE REVIEW

20160728_145114 20160728_145120

A movie that seems to benefit from the VHS glow of sorts. I can easily see why they went with this as a choice for this limited VHS series. A cool Christmas anthology that isn’t by any means perfect but is a perfect fit for the format.

Scarewaves (limited to 100)CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE REVIEW

20160728_145128 20160728_145133

Here we have another anthology that I enjoyed a whole lot when I first watched in on DVD. It is also another title that really seems to be right at home on the old school VHS format. Of course, if you are going to do a VHS series you got to have throwback titles like this on it.

America’s Deadliest Home Videos (limited Edition) CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE REVIEW

20160728_145202 20160728_145210

This one gets the grand treatment and I can easily see why. This is a movie that many probably saw on VHS originally. I’m not even sure it was available on any other format until as of late when it was released on a new DVD. This is as solid of an old school VHS gem as you can find. It also makes the best use of the format by actually being a retro shot on video film.

20160728_145317 20160728_145245 20160728_145229 20160728_145143

This one doesn’t just come alone as you can see in the pics above. This one comes with a keychain, sticker, and even an extra case with the original VHS art.

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